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In the Name of Allah, the Al mighty, the Great, the Merciful, who taught the human what he ignored, and prayers for our Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him.

The deanship of libraries affairs tends to offer and rendering an advance information services through collection, dissemination and recognition, to facilitate and simplify reading for users and beneficiaries, based on the principle that library is one of pillars through which university achieves its objectives (student – professor – library – hall study), this will not be archived unless real serious collaboration is fulfilled between library deanship and its users, particularly teaching staff and researchers . Thus the deanship hereby welcoming opinions and suggestions to develop libraries at university.

  • Vision, message and Objectives
  • History of the University and previous Administrators of the Library
  • The organizational structure of the Deanship of Librarian Affairs
  • Libraries of the university
  • Beneficiaries from libraries
  • Instructions for handling inside libraries
  • Digital Electronic library
  • International libraries

     The sources of information should be paper or electronic in the libraries of the Karary University and keep up to date and available to all users and beneficiaries.
The message:
The library of the Karary University standard is based on the service of the academic community in the broad range to which it belongs.
The deanship of library affairs aims through its main and subsidiary libraries to achieve the following objectives:

  • Supporting the educational process and supporting scientific research from the principle of providing access to sources of information in its various forms and types for the employees of the university and society.
  • The development of acquisitions in all thematic disciplines in a balanced manner.
  • Organization of information sources in line with the latest technologies and modern methods.
  • Cooperation with information facilities and related parties to provide the best services.
  • Facilitate office services for all beneficiaries and enable them to access the sources of knowledge in the best way.
  • Acquiring intellectual production, organizing, controlling, documenting and identifying it by collecting all the publications inside and outside the country, and disseminating within the university and the vital topics that serve the scientific research process and the academic community.
  • Create the appropriate atmosphere within the libraries for study and research.
  • Continuous development of the staff of the deanship of Library Affairs.


History of the University

Karry Academy of Technology was established by a presidential decree in 1994. Presidential Decree No. 266 of 1994 was promulgated on August 28, 1994 and the National Council passed its law in 1996. The Karary Academy of Technology was transferred to the Karary University in 2008, Located in Omdurman, Khartoum. The National Council approved the law of the Karary University at its 27th session on the 7th of January 1429 corresponding to January 16, 2008. The statue was signed by the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the sponsor of the University in 18 February 2008.

 The Library of karary University (Karary Academy of Technology) was established in 1996/3/19 to provide information services, from references and guidance to all its employees from the Collage of Engineering and the Collage of Technical Studies.

The Library of Karary University (Karary Academy of Technology) was established in 1996/3/19 to provide information services, from references and guidance to all its employees from the Collage of Engineering and the Collage of Technical Studies.

The university began its new form in 2008 to transform the Karary Academy into what is now known as the Karary University. In keeping acceleration with this change, the following libraries were established:

  •     Collage of Engineering Library
  •     Library of the Collage of Administrative Sciences and Languages ​​(Military College).
  •     Central Library of Medical Sciences and Graduate Studies.
  •     Library of the College Complex (Khor Omar).
  •     Collage of Nursing and Health Sciences Library.
  •     Collage of Technology Library.
  •     Library of the Collage of Maritime Studies.
  •     Collage of Aviation Sciences Library.

The previous Administrators of the Library:

Library's sector had witnessed an evolution development since 1996, as a continuous result of hereunder colleagues:

1. The late Mr. Saad Suliman , may Allah blessed him , fully participated in establishing the library of the Collage of Engineering , and set all the basis , and disciplinary rules for libraries.

2. Prof. Abdel Muniem Awad El Geed, who also had great concern to supply library's personnel and set the basis , and disciplinary rules , he also started the project of electronic library through the training of the librarians in different programs and systems of digital data base.

3. Mr. Yahia Suliman ,who had essential role in establishing the Engineering Collage library (civil admission) together with completing the gab of personnel in addition to other contributions.

Our appreciation and gratitude's to them and the efforts they made in developing university libraries.

The organizational structure of the Deanship of Librarian Affairs

  - Dean of Library Affairs

 - Librarians and their assistants

Indexing System

 The libraries follow the complete separate cataloging in both descriptive and objective terms using the Anglo-American system and the decimal decimal system of classification.

Libraries of the university:

In the frame of developing the work in libraries in various collages , many branches of libraries were constructed.

Library name

Library space 2

Capacity students



Nursing and information technology










Khor Omer Complex of Collages










Central of Medical sciences and postgraduates





Administrative sciences and Language – Military Collage 





Aviation sciences





Marine studies





   The libraries of the University of Kerry are benefiting from the following categories:
                        1 - Teaching Staff.
                        2- Technicians and technicians at the university.
                        3 - Students at different levels (Diploma, Bachelor, Master, PhD).
                        4- Researchers from inside and outside the university.
                        5 - Students in different levels from other universities.

a. All beneficiaries shall be subject to the general directives of the Library relating to the following:

        Instructions of working hours of morning and evening.
        Entry and exit procedures.
        Borrowing procedures
        Photo and copying procedures
        Maintain order and quietness
        Procedures for using the equipment available in the library.
        Procedures of protecting Library properties
        Guidance of supervisors and observers in the library.

b.  The student has the right to borrow maximum two books for one renewable week

c.  it is prohibited  to borrow references and an ongoing preparation of periodicals and special and rare collections such as books, university letters, manuscripts, documents, and office materials such as tapes, films, etc.

d. The Librarian shall have the right to refuse lending any book if it serves interest

e. If the student fails to return the borrows items on time, he shall be fined in addition to the deprivation of borrowing any extra items or materials for a period not exceeding two weeks.

f. If the student loses a (borrowed book) , the penalty should be doubled  in addition to the costs of covering

g. If the student causes damage to any of the Library's properties, he shall be fined double of the damaged material, in addition to any necessary costs in the same regard.

h- Any student who does not comply with the instructions and guidelines of the library is prohibited from using the library for a period not exceeding two weeks

i. No seat may be reserved in advance from the library.

k- the student presented any possession of books or office materials to the entrance guard when entering or leaving the library.

l- The student shall undertake the responsibility of his / her own possessions and instruments.

m.The Library deanship shall issue instructions for any necessary procedures for the use of the equipment available .

n. The student shall leave the book on the table after the completion of the preparation

o. Student must submit a library card upon entry

The deanship of Librarianship affairs set a plan to enable all the information channels within the university libraries to be made available in digital format in order to be used more widely. The Kawa system was used to show books, periodicals and (D.space) to show the Master and Ph.D.
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