Karary University

The Department of Planning and Development was established since the establishment of the university in 1994. It began to study the university's need for engineering projects. The department is drawing up plans to develop the performance of the technical aspects in proportion to the number of projects and their size with the style and the architectural style and construction methods used according to a mechanism to ensure the accuracy and speed of implementation of these projects

Leading in the execution of engineering and construction work and maintenance work to achieve business and development of the University.

To be the planning and development management reference and the first choice for the implementation of construction projects to serve the university in different colleges and other projects.


  •     Meeting the University's needs for engineering projects in various fields and colleges.
  •     Implement the projects that the university adopts on sound technical bases.
  •     Providing technical advice from different sectors of the university.
  •     Implementation of the projects as desired by the university.
  •     Prepare a mechanism to organize the work and identify the concerned parties to implement the projects and prepare models and contracts for studies and follow-up to start the actual implementation of the project.
  •     Choose reputable contractors and technical competence to ensure the success of the project.
  •     Follow up the implementation of the projects by field visits to the engineers of the administration.
  •     Self-executing projects.
  •     Receiving the projects and matching the works executed with the contracts and specifications that have been determined.