Karary University


Each country must establish an organizational structure that ensures an accurate administration of performing tasks. On the principle of specialization and division of labor, and at the head of this specialization is the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economy, which is entrusted for managing and controlling of financial resources. Hence, each institution, interest or pioneer educational institution established in 1994 via a republican decision. It was then an academic college of technology and in 2008 the name was changed from Karary Academy of Technology to Karary University with an integrated administrative structure of financial administrative.

After the issuing the law of Karary University in 2008th, the promotion from academia to a university was accompanied by a development in the administration, including the current financial administration, which began with a financial office at that date and after the expansion of the university was brought to the administration of the university departments as recommended by the Board of Directors and the decision of the director.

1. Administering all the funds allocated to universities according to the directions of the State and the policies of misty of higher education and the university itself.

2. Preparing an estimated budget for financial allocations resources according to the general guidelines and university plans.

3. Performing financial activities in accordance with the law, regulations and procedures after being ratified by the concerned authority.

4. Preparation of monthly accounts of settlements and a final account according to the standards enforce internationally.


5. Follow-up the financial feeding of the Ministry of Finance monthly that updates to the university.

6. Preparation and submission of financial reports to senior administration

7. Prepare the financial statement and final accounts at the end of each financial year and to submit the matters to the Ministry of Defense and the National Auditor.

8. Direct supervision of the accounts of special admission expenses its income and expenses.

9. Control financial performance according to a specific documentary cycle.

10. Open the required books to record the accounting operations of cash and cash balances.


Financial administrator


Accounting department 





Special admission department



a. Responsible for executing instructions and direction issued from higher authority concerning financial polices of university, preparing fiscal budget and perform financial polices in accordance to the ratified financial accounting system from concern authorities.

Superior administrator of higher managerial system, responsible for cash payment of professor's salaries and employee's wages as well as paying the current cash, runs by the head department which is responsible for the movement of funds from the bank until the completion of disbursement and supervision of the monthly settlement by members of accountants.

Responsible for the current accounts besides the Ministry of Finance to prepare the salaries of teachers and employees of debtors and prepare the dues of the military and the collaborators and the performance of monthly adjustments and the final account as well as procurement committee performance.

One of the most important department, especially after the increase of colleges at the university and increase the number of students through the system and at the end of the year, these accounts are submitted to the national auditor for the purpose of auditing to ensure that they perform in accordance with laws and regulations accepted and recognized internationally.

1. Liability before the agent for the administrations of the University's funds and financial resources.

2. Preparing the budget proposals of the university and submitting them to the agent and following up on them in the different stages until their approval.
3. Implementation of the approved budget and follow-up of the balance sheet items in accordance with the financial regulations and directives of the agent.
4. Follow-up monthly feeds with the Ministry of Finance and other sources of funding.
5. Opening and following letters of credit for the purchase of laboratory equipment other requirements from abroad.

6. Provide technical advice to the General Director and the deputy to undertaker whenever requested.

7. Carrying out all financial and accounting procedures and keeping financial books related to different accounts in accordance with financial regulations and laws.

8. Preparing the final monthly and annual accounts in accordance with the provisions of the Financial and Accounting Procedures of the Republic of Sudan.

9. Provide all required data from the Office of Internal Audit and take all necessary measures to facilitate its work.