Karary University


The Department of Public Relations and Information is concerned with the development and enrichment of mutual understanding and mutual trust between the University and all parties working with it, and acts contrary to the news and activities of the University.

1 / Develop plans and public relations programs

2 / defining the activities of the university using different means of information

3 / supervising the preparation of studies and research related to public opinion about the university.

4 / supervising the arrangements for the reception and hospitality of visitors to the university

5 / cooperating with the competent authorities in the implementation of public relations programs

6 / Prepare the estimated budget for the programs and activities of the administration.

7 / Preparation of periodic reports stating the work of the administration

1 / public relation

2 / Information

3 / the ceremonies

1. Collecting, analyzing, researching and studying trends of public opinion about the university among teachers, students and parents.

2. Preparing and implementing the university's celebration programs in coordination with the various departments and faculties of the university.

3 / Preparation and implementation of various recreational programs for university staff

S /No

The activity


Required output


Viewing public opinion about university

Distribution of students, professors and guidance

Preparation , collection,  and analysis


Eids greetings

Fitr and Adha Eids

Attendance of university's community memebers


National events

Independence day

Celebrating festivals and tournaments 


Gifts and scarves


Design and supervision of the guidance of the visitors to the university and their guests


Social events

Defining the university community with its all social events of its staff community members

Telephone numbers of the university community members and put them in special programs

The work plan of the department:


1 / Highlight the activities of the university in different media.

2 / correcting negative attitudes about the university

3 / Preparation of an internal daily bulletin / news, containing all published about the university in newspapers.

4- Editing and publishing various media publications.

5 / Production of radio and television programs

6 / Coverage conferences and seminars organized by the university and the supervision of press conferences held by officials at the university.

7 / Organize press interviews with some officials of the newspapers when needed.

8 / Providing the public, local and external bodies with the university's publications and making sure that the university publications reach these bodies.

9 / Preparing the publications before they are delivered to the printing press and after correcting them, reviewing them and taking out their pages for execution in the edition.


The work plan of the department:

S /No

The activity


Required output


Daily newspaper

Political newspaper

Two newspapers for each of the university leaders and the deans of the collages and directors of the departments - all the newspapers of the administration


Provide the media with the news about  the university

Upon the need

News of interest to the public opinion - Providing the university's website with news


Daily news

On daily basis

Transmit all publish about university and to be distributed to all departments


Editing and publishing the information and media press


The University's Annual Journal Concurrent with the Graduation of the University's Literary Manual - Introductory Publications


Preparing and editing record papers


Arm Forces and other political newspapers


Documentary film

Arabic – English

A documentary film about the university presented in its occasions to the visitors , collages and administrations of the university


Directory signs


Introduce  the visitor about university's collages and administration


1 / Receiving delegations and senior university and coordination with these visits.

2 / Making reservations for the establishment of the visiting delegation and senior visitors and visiting professors. Transport vehicles, communication and coordination in this regard.

3- Issuing exit visas for the outgoing delegation of students and professors regarding the university.

4- Facilitating the arrival and departure of delegations participating in the conferences organized by the university and facilitating their stay in the country.

The work plan of the department:

S /No

The activity


Required output


Official documents

National civil certificate No.

facilitating the access of university members  with all supporting documents


Receiving – hospitality and firewalling

Upon requested need

Senior and higher visitors of university


Producers of exit and departure

Upon requested need

Facilitate these procedures for the university members of in relation to its work



1. Working for improving and brightening the intellectual image of the university's achievements and enhance cooperation with other entities.

2. Providing a climate of confidence with the university's clients and linking them to the community by introducing its objectives, philosophy and future plans.

3.strengthen the links between the university and the relevant academic, research and industrial institutions according to programs and plans studied

4. Providing the necessary facilities and procedures for scientific activities such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions and meetings, by arranging the meeting place and initiating the means of communication and audio equipment.

5. Preparing sign boards, advertisements, certificates, photocopying of all events and activities, distribution of invitation cards and providing all that would make any university event successfulness.

6. Facilitating the mission of official delegations organized by the university individually or in partnership with other institutions and bodies with the appropriate level of various administrative services and procedures necessary for the success of these activities and to ensure the arrival of delegations and official visitors of the university and work to secure the necessary visas and receive them at the airport and to develop programs To ensure their bookings in hotels, organize their movements and accompany them inside and outside the university according to the planned programs.

7. Supervising the prior coordination with the visiting delegations, scheduling the visits and the number of visitors, prepare the program of the visit and distribute it to the guests upon their arrival to the university and provide a brief explanation of the university supported by university pamphlets.

8. Coordinating with the media of radio, television, news agency and newspapers in the field of media press coverage of the events witnessed by the university and the preparation of reports and press releases about these events.

9. Monitoring the press reports related to the university and prepares a press report to inform the university general director accordingly.

10. Preparing the texts of the university's declarations and drafting them and following up on their publication in the newspapers and preparing the arrangements and meetings held by general director with the journalists.

11. Planning and organizing the university's relations with the institutions, organizations and entities working in the field of science to serve its public interests.

12. Facilitating travel and reception procedures for university employees in official events and duties

13. Seeking to create a spirit of joint cooperation between the university and its branches of universities, ministries, services and services

14. Concern should be paid to career development and group participation through communication and collaboration to achieve university's objectives