Karary University

1. Shall be responsible to the General director about the administrative and financial performance of the university in accordance with the university Law and the provisions of the statutes and regulations and the powers conferred upon him.

2. Keep the general university seal and a special register of all university properties

3. Reverse the laws and administrative and financial regulations of the university for its departments, and provide the deans of the faculties and heads of department and ensure compliance and safety of their application.

4. Implement administrative and financial regulations and publications issued by the university administration and put them into workable practice

5. Assisting the general director in drawing up the administrative and financial plans of the university and reviewing it from time to time

6. Advertising vacancies according to the needs of the university and its belonging department

7. Following -up the staff procedures concerning appointments, promotions, transfers and exemptions and termination of service issued by the concerned authorities.

8. set the training plans for non-faculty and university staff

9. Preserve the University funds properly and approve the disbursement and withdrawal of current budgets in accordance with the laws and regulations

10. Supervise the notification of invitation for bids and tenders.

11. To review the budgets submitted by all units of the University and ensure their correctness and prepare them as a unified budget and submit them to the University Council and follow up their discussion and approval by the concerned authorities

12. Contact the sources of funding in the Ministry of Finance and others in regard to securing financing and the implementation of the projects of the University and to submit periodic follow-up reports thereon

13. supervise the departments performance under the supervision of the deputy

14. follow up the periodic administrative and financial reports , to be delivered to the general director.

15. the deputy shall act as member and reporter of the university council as well as professors council .

16. Any others tasks and activities delegated to him by the general director of the university.