Karary University

Administration Brief

The Information Tchnology department was established at the beginning of Karary University in 2008, and was activated after the decision of the University General Director in April 2011 and administratively under his authority.The Information Tchnology department was established at the beginning of Karary University in 2008, and was activated after the decision of the University General Director in April 2011 and administratively under his authority.

1. Prepare the annual report of the University for the Ministry of Defense

2. Preparing the annual report of the University for the Ministry of Higher Education

3. Preparing the annual report of the University for the Ministry of Higher Education

4. Prepare the quarterly report of the University of the Ministry of Defense

5. Prepare a periodic report for the meeting of the deans of the colleges and directors of departments in the course of work in the deportment

6. Participation the reception of visiting delegations to the University (Enlightenment presentation)

7. Supervision and coordination of the meeting of the University Council (Planning Department)

8. Preparing the applications of the faculties in relation to information systems as well as computer equipment and accessories (inks, and spare parts, etc.)

9. Following-up work forms for the process of collecting data from colleges and departments

10. Implementation of the annual census in October (the inventory form see the paper files) and its summary.

The Department collects information about faculties with the help of college handouts

1. College of Postgraduate Studies (Mr. Dean)

2. College of War (Captain Qamaruddin + presenter / Wahba)

3. Collage of Marine Studies (Captain / Mounir)

4.Collage of Human Resources and Special Admission (no nomination)

5. College of Medicine (No one nominated)

6. Collage of Oral and Dental Medicine (First lieutenant)

7. College of Pharmacy (First Lieutenant Good.)

8. College of Medical Laboratories (Mr. Dean)

9. College of Nursing and Technology of Health Sciences (presenter / Abdel Azim)

10. College of Engineering (Lt. Nabil Tayeb Al-Qurashi)

11. College of Aviation Sciences (no nomination)

12. Scientific issues (not nominated)

As it is known, the Department has been newly established and is now in the development of the formation and has started work on the university Website, but the Department has the following plan to carry out its duties as mentioned below:

1. Establishing databases that serve the possibility of obtaining information in an easy, accurate and faster manner.

2. Great concern given to the university Website and its development.

3. Connect local networks and have been connected together.

4. Identify and limit the information and find it to store and save it electronically.

5. Following up the university resources in the field of information technology devices.

6. Training of employees to use and apply information technology and information systems.

The first axis:

1. The required databases:

 (a) Establishment of a database system for university employees. It is easy to obtain the information required for any professor, worker, administrative or other.

(b) Establishment of a financial security system and stores.

(c) Establishing a system of registration, student behavior and admission as well as linking it to the examination system.

(d) Establishment of a system of university collages for information, books, borrowing, and the possibility of inserting book data as a nucleus for the electronic library.

(e) Establishment a well designed self-evaluation and assessment system.

The second axis: University Website:

 (a) To develop the University's website for the services and specifications required by the University's vision and mission.

(b) Equipped the Website with tools through which the previous databases can be accessed.

(c) Providing an appropriate confidential passwords and effective information preservation.

Third Axis Local Networks: -

(a) Rehabilitation and separation of existing local networks

1. Medical College Complex collection of Network

2. Network Engineering College of the Eastern direction

3. College of Postgraduate Studies (partially completed)

4. Electrical Engineering Department (Navigation Center)

(b) Establishment of local networks in non-networked areas:

1. University administration

2. College of Nursing

3. Military College

4. Marine College

5. Technology Collage

6. College of Engineering –Western side

7. Collage of Human Resources (Khor Omar)

8. College of Aviation Sciences

9. These networks are very important as they form the infrastructure of all the previous systems (databases, the Internet, the university's website, easy access to information and speed)

(c) Link local networks to each other using available connectivity methods

(d) Providing centralized Internet service through these networks

(e) Establishment of a central information center in a convenient location through which such networks can be managed and provided with Internet access and keeping the information electronically.

(f)Use networks installed for English language labs as a nucleus for college networks.

Fourth axis: The Inventory:

1. List the important information in the university and work on archiving it electronically.

2. Formation of a permanent record with all current and former employees of the university.

3. Providing a practical suitable method for electronic archiving.

Fifth axis: Follow-up:

1. Inventory computers and accessories located in the university

2. Periodic maintenance of equipment and equipment in the university (printers, computers, photocopiers)

3. Providing the information technology needs of the university departments and faculties

4. Initial priority needs (spare parts)

5. Periodic requirements (inks and others tools).

Sixth Axis: Training needs:

Training of the university staff to use and apply the information systems according to the program concerned and upon needed.

1. Advance identification of university needs of data and information that achieved its purposes

2.Collet the necessary data required by university based on statistical models , taking into account the continuous development of these models in order to achieve the objectives for which they were prepared.

3. Review the data as soon as it is obtained to ensure its validity and safety in preparation for classification with the need of updating the latest data as well.

4. Analyze of the obtained data in order to achieve statistical indicators that will be used in making an appropriate decisions concerning the university's activity.

5. Notifies the concerns authorities with the data and information in accordance to the new timely issues.

6. Fulfilling the statistical data received from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Higher Education and any other relevant bodies, as well as the fulfillment of the statistical data received from inside the university (the General director, his deputy, the researchers, the various departments and various colleges at the university.

7. Cooperating with the deanship of student affairs to prepare annual information on student data such as sports, cultural, hospitals, etc. according to the latest available data registered in this field.

8. The continuous readiness to provide the parties, both inside and outside the university, with the required data, whether an overall or detailed, based on the forms sent by these entities.

9. Coordinating the statistical and informational work between the university and the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces and the competent authorities in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

 10. Communicate with different data sources in the country to achieve an accurate statistical data required for the university according to the annual work plan.

11. Conducting researches and statistical data that assist to develop the working methods and the study system at the university.

12. Issuing publications and manuals concerning  statistics

13. Work on solving constrains that may occur on the files and programs computers in the department.

14. Supervising and modernizing the maintenance of computers in the department in order to ensure their suitability and validity for performance.

15. Supervising LAN and website administration through designing and formulating  data base as well as the adherence programs for achieving the designated performance .

16.  Securing the required stored information on computers against damages, tampering and spying on