Karary University


As branch of math, statistics was founded to concern about collection and classifications, displaying and organizing data and information , then analyzed in accordance to the scientific methods and applications to get evidences and  for obtaining inferences, conclusions and sound decisions that contribute to the decision-making of the university. All this gives a broad practical importance in the various fields of science from physics to social sciences. In view of the important role of the most important statistical functions in all its sciences, its output is the accuracy, clarity and analysis of data and information that will support the university to achieve its goals and develop digital policies and decision-making to promote its performance .

Based on the vision of the university and its serious efforts to participate actively in building the society of science and knowledge and based on the decision of the Minister of Higher Education in December 2017, the Statistics and Information Unit was established to meet the requirements of the information architecture to support decision making process.

    An authoritative reference to data and information, support for decision-making at the university, leadership in statistics, and a significant role in development and decision-making

The collection and provision of statistical data and information with high accuracy and digital flow in the transfer of information within the university and relevant bodies to contribute to support decision-making,