Karary University

Information Security

The Master of Science in Information Security program provides the students with background and insights into the key managerial and technical issues of information security. The managerial concentration focuses on the impact of information security on individual lives and personal privacy, the growing information security risks facing business and government, strategies for securing information and the influence of laws and public policy on how information is secured.

The program enhances a technical education with additional courses in management, information security policy and other topics essential for the effective development and management of secure information systems. Graduates of the MSIS program become security experts equipped to manage the growing complexities associated with securing data, networks and systems.

  • Gain a detailed understanding of the interdisciplinary aspects of information security.
  • Asses the information security risks faced by an organization
  • Manage the development, acquisition and evolution of a secure information infrastructure.
  • Gain expertise in both theory and practice of information security
  • Acquire a detailed understanding of information security challenges in networks and software systems.
  • Design and implementation of networked software and distributed systems with information security in mind.
  • Gain expertise to manage the growing complexities associated with securing data and networks.
  • Equip yourself with skills to assume a leadership position in information security.