Karary University


        The Master of Science program [M. Sc.] in Control Systems Engineering [CSE] is intended to provide an environment for specialization in control systems, process control, automation, and guidance. The M. Sc. in CSE is a free standing program which will provide a postgraduate specialization for Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Computer and Mechanical Engineering. The courses are

designed in such a way that candidates from different fields of engineering can enroll in this program and study the basic core courses as one group. Groups of elective courses will provide the specific specialization together with a partial fulfillment research project which will complete the CSE program. Applicants will be admitted to the program if they have fulfilled the admission requirements of KAT postgraduate regulations.


  1. The program is intended to:
  2. Promote the faculty at Universities, Colleges, and engineers in the Industry and the armed forces in the field of Control.
  3. Produce graduates qualified to pursue careers that might involve classical and modern control concepts, theories, methods and

          controller design packages in industry, finance and public sectors.

  1. Enable graduates in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, to recognize, tackle problems, and design equipment in the field of Control and/or Guidance Systems.
  2. Enable graduates in the field of Chemical Engineering to design control systems for the different Chemical Process Engineering.
  3. Enable graduates in the field of Mechanical Engineering to design, control, and automate mechanical plants.
  4. Provide the theoretical basis for classical and modern control theories with associated design methods and algorithms.
  5. Promote the abilities of candidates in conducting research in the relevant fields of study.
  6. Promote the candidates abilities to work in teams to achieve specific goals.
  7. Promote the candidates respect of copyright and professional codes of conduct.