Karary University



         The master course in power system is introduced for students of power system and machines who has a base and background of power system and machine. Control and electrical students can join this program, but they need extra courses according to the curricula of studies the have pursued. The required courses are:

1. Power system analysis                                  3 Cr. Hrs.

2. Electromechanical conversion                      3 Cr. Hrs.

3. Power electronic                                            3 Cr. Hrs.

4. High voltage engineering                              3 Cr. Hrs.

5. Machine drives                                              3 Cr. Hrs.

        The master candidates should fulfill the above requirements before joining the  M. Sc. Program.

        The master program are destined as 24 credit hours on two semesters( each semesters12 credit hours) and research dissertation. The enrollment conditions are specified in the academic rules and regulations of postgraduates studies of  Karary Academy of Technology.

1. Qualifying the candidates to design and analysis of power system.

2. Qualifying the candidates to design power substations.

3. Qualifying the candidates in the field of power system stability.

4. Qualifying the candidates in the economic operation.

5. Qualifying the candidates in the field of power station, layout, operation and types of power generations.

6. Qualifying the candidates in the field of controlling power system.                              

Power Station Engineering (3)

Electrical and Electronic Drives (3)

Power System Planning (3)

Economic Operation of Power System (3)

Computer Aided Design of Electrical Machines (3)

Renewable Energy Sources (3)

High Voltage Engineering (3)

Selected Topics in Power Systems (3)