Announcement to accept a new batch of the College of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


Announcement to accept a new batch of the College of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research - (09/Dec/2018)

Announcement to accept a new payment at the Collage of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research  For the year 2018 - 2019

The Collage of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research at Karary University announces the acceptance of a new payment for the year 2018 - 2019 Ph.D., MA and post-graduate diploma in the following disciplines fields :

     No      Department                                                                           Specialization                   

  1. Civil Engineering                                                         Construction Engineering
  1. Chemical Engineering                                                      General and Control
  1. Electrical Engineering                                                                         Control
  1. Mechanical Engineering                                                                     Control

First :   doctorate  PhD: - (with courses and supplementary research).

Second : Doctorate PhD conducted by research only in all disciplines of engineering, administrative sciences, strategic studies, medicine, surgery and pharmacy.

Third Master: (with courses and supplementary research): -

No     Department                                                                              Specialization

1 - Electrical Engineering -          Capacity Engineering - Communication Engineering - Computer    Engineering & Networks - Control Engineering.

2-  Mechanical Engineering       General Mechanical Design - Control Engineering -  Manufacturing Technology Engineering.

3-  Chemical Engineering                     Petrochemical Engineering -             Modern Technology.

4-  Aerospace Engineering :                     Aircraft Design - Airframe Design - Payment - Master Avionics- Avionics Systems with courses and supplementary research


5- Computer Science Information Security -     Computer Networks - Computer Science - Computer Software.

6.  Survey Engineering                           MSc in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with courses and supplementary research.

7. Master of Science in Business Administration and Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing - Finance and Financial Management - Human Resources Management.

8- Nursing Orthopedic Surgery.

9. Pharmaceutical Pharmacy:     Practices and Clinical Pharmacy. Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacology Emphasize the quality of the pharmaceutical industry and the rules of control.

Pharmaceuticals Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affair



Fourth: Mater by Courses

No                              Department                                                Socialization

1                                Civil Engineering                                       Construction

Fifth: Postgraduate diplomas

No                              Department                                                       Socialization

1                           Administration   Sciences                                    Business Administration

2                             Nursing Sciences                                                 Midwifery


Sixth : Masters by researches Only: -

In all engineering disciplines mentioned in the master's program in addition to the fields of Business Administration, Public Administration, Avionics, A / C Armament, Space Engineering, Medicine, Surgery and Pharmacy.

To view the admission requirements of the buildings of the West Bank Medical College or Karary university website (

 The application for submission will start from 18/11/2018.