Karary University

Admission conditions of naval studies college

Students who are applicable to the following condition will be accepted to study Bachelor program:

SudanSchool certificate / scientific section according to the percentage average designated by the college.

 Success in mathematics, physics, chemistry and English language.

Applicant must be eligible for the following conditions

1. Sudanese for Sudanese father and Sudanese grandfather in birth

2. Must have Sudan school certificate or equivalent certificate credited by Sudan ministry of education.

3. applicable to the targeted college conditions according to what is designated by Sudan ministry of high education.

4. He has awarded Sudan school certificate in the same year of application.

5. His age is not more than 21 years old on the first day of study

6. Of good behavior, never convicted of crime or separated from military or civilian college for misbehavior before.

7. Unmarried and he must pledge not marry along duration of study at the university.

8. To pass all checks of physical fitness and he is not allowed to repeat the check at the same batch if failed.

9. To pass medical check and he is not allowed to repeat it at the same batch for any reason.

10. Employees who passed private training teams or practicing in teams qualify them to assume private work in government are not applicable.

11. Any applicant passes first interview, medical and fitness presents before Mr. General Leader for final interview.

12. To pass confinement braining period successfully in not more than six months

General directives:

-         To attach with application the identity card, Sudan school certificate, original birth certificate or age estimation certificate has been issued before less than three years, or any other document, and must be put in the file in order.

-         (4) postal photos on time of application

-         Any application not applicable to conditions will not be seen.

-         Any false or hiding in needed information will cancel registration.

-         Application form is delivered to acceptance office in Banat or academic secretary after filling

Additional conditions for applicants of University colleges:

1) To pass personal interview.

2) To pass personal interview medical and fitness check or any other checks quality cadets to join armed forces.

3) Student has the right to apply to other Universities (general acceptance).

4) To withdraw application form from karary university acceptance office in Omdurman west of medical army or from military units in the following towns: Port Sudan – Al'gadarift – Dongula – Atbara – Alobied – Kosti – Nyala).