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Registration steps

New Student Registration (College of Engineering)

We welcome you at Karary University and we wish you a successful scientific life. Registration starts from Sunday 25 August 2019 and ends on Thursday 12 September 2019 and studies begin on 10 November 2019

Registration steps:

First: Withdraw the registration forms from the registrar office at  Pharmacy College

 Second: Filling out the student’s data with the registration form and the attached forms

Third: Conducting medical examinations and examinations at the committee’s headquarters at Medicine College   (first floor)

Fourth: Paying tuition fees at Omdurman National Bank (delegate of scientific affairs)

Note that the tuition fees are as follows:

i- The tuition fee (first installment) 35,000 pounds, and the tuition fees can be paid in full

II- The registration fee is 4000 pounds

Fifth: Photocopying the notice of payment of fees in four copies and delivered to each of:

I. Office of the Registrar (Pharmacy College )

II. Office of Information Systems (in the new building)

III. Card office (in the new building)

IV. Financial Management Office (Administration)

Sixth: Approval of the registration form and permission to supply from the Financial Department and Information Systems

Seventh: Pay the fees for the university uniform (Scientific Affairs Hall)

Eighth: Submit the registration form, the attached forms and a copy of the payment notice to the registrar office of  Pharmacy College  (before the time specified for registration expires)

Requirements when registering:

  • A copy of the Sudanese certificate or equivalent
  • Bring 4 recent photographs
  • A copy of the national civil number


  • The student must complete the registration procedures at the specified place and time and ensure that the registration forms are submitted to the registrar’s office before the date specified for the end of registration
  • No student will be registered after the period specified above, and the student will lose the place allocated to him by the end of the working hours on Thursday 12 September 2019
  • Registration takes place after completing all the above procedures and submitting the registration forms to the registrar office
  • Withdrawing the registration forms and not completing the registration procedures does not mean saving your seat at the university

Registration is completed after the approval of your data in the university's electronic registration system and submitting the registration forms to the college registrar.

I am pleased to take the opportunity to celebrate the graduation of 14 engineering with those in the schools of the University Alumni congratulations go to repeat the war students and their families gems ask Allah almighty to help them do their duties toward the fatherland and be a real addition to the Sudanese armed forces Struggling to maintain security and sovereignty of this country is staggering riches and youthful good humans "made a commitment to Allah almighty's approach.  jzooli

I know the reader that accommodated architecture 14 batch students five years ago as the foundations required of the Department for admission to higher education at rates higher than 80 per cent after consecutive previews confirms their suitability to join the armed forces, has been rehabilitated by the gradient in Academic and military, from basic military training at the War College and then studied military science with practical training during their time in the College of engineering, which coincided also with academic qualification specialising in different areas consist of chemical engineering and construction Electrical mechanics and flight systems plus computer science department where each individual section contains accurate specialties correspond to the needs of the armed forces always looked towards the prospects for progress.

Asking Allah almighty to make its management of University and College of engineering professors in the balance of their good deeds.

Finally thank on behalf of the Minister of defence and the University Director Mr Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff and the armed forces leaders gentlemen their untiring assistance was a result of the fruits of this big project.

The College of Engineering is willing to be a distinguished scientific canter that leads the innovative process in the field of Engineering applications, that may realize the pioneering education of engineering in Sudan.

1. Arranging distinguished cadres of engineers that satisfying the needs of Arm Forces and Military industrialization.

2. Conducting scientific researches and transferring knowledge's to localizing technology as favor of developing society.

3. Providing scientific environment that assist in creative innovation and enhances continuing education and learning, and offer vocational services for the Arm Force in a specialized frame.

It is located west of river Nile in karary area which gained its fame from the history of famous battle of karary which occurred in mountains of karary between Mahadia and troops of British colonization at the end of the nineteenth century

  • The Department of Chemical engineering, which includes fuel and blasting.
  •  The Department of Civil engineering, includes construction.
  •  The Department of the Electrical engineering, includes communication engineering, electrical power, engineering of directing and control, systems of control of electrical power.
  •  The Department of Mechanical engineering, include the production of shields and power.
  • The Department of Aviation engineering. Includes mechanical flights, systems of flights electricity, and aviation armament.
  • The Department of Surveying Engineering, which includes surveying engineering.

 - The duration of the study in the College of engineering is five years, where the graduates awarded honor degree in engineering.

- the military students graduate as official engineer ranked first lieutenant and joined any of the unit of the Arm Forces, or military industry.

The student studies 200-210 credit hours as below:

a-      22 credit hours for humanitarian studies include Islamic studies, Arabic language, English language and social studies.

b-     68 credit hours for college requirements include mathematics, engineering subjects, environmental subjects, engineering economy, engineering unit and workshops.

c-      110-120 credit hours for section requirements and specialization.

Engineering college awards Military sciences diploma for cadets where they study about (2000) hours of communication in different practical and theoretical military fields which include field projects that qualify them to act in military field armored with science and training as armed forces officers. This situation is not applicable on civilian students who study at the university.

Teaching Staff