Karary University

Karary University-Faculty of engineering-Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Date of Birth: 11th January, 1975 Omdurman.

Tel:      (+249) 117611144,      

  E-mail: nasteta16@yahoo.com

1.PhD in Engineering, Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University)   2007-2009 

Thesis Title: Simulation of Controlled Motion of Crawling Robots on Smooth Surfaces.

2.MSc  in Mechatronics, Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University) 2003 - 2006

3.BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering-Production Engineering, University of Karary. 1995 – 2000 First Class Honours.

4.1991 - 1994 Khor Omer High Secondary School

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  • Abdelnasir M. Z. A. Nanorobotics, Workshop on Nanotechnology at Sudan Academy of Science (SAS), Khartoum march 2010.
  • Abdelnasir Mohammed; Montasir Hassan Mohammed Sabil, Study & Analysis of Steady State Error for Mobile Robot in Cars Assembly Lines, URI: http://repository.rsu.edu.sd/, Red Sea University Journal of Basic and Applied Science ,Vol.2 Special Issue June 2017.
  • Mohammed Ibrahim; Abdelnasir Mohammed, Optimal Nonlinear Control and Performance Analysis of HVAC System with Ice Cold Thermal Energy Storage, URI: http://repository.rsu.edu.sd/, Red Sea University Journal of Basic and Applied Science,Vol.2 Special Issue June 2017.
  • Assistant Professor: Karary University, Head of the Department of Mechanical engineering.  Part timer in: Khartoum University, Sudan University, Almashreq Univirsity, Almnara College, Alsalama Academy of Technology.
  • Lecturer : Strength of Materials Course (Graduate level, 2006).
  • Teaching Assistant for several courses (Graduate level, 2001-2003).
  • During my PhD I have also led seminars, supervised undergraduates in the laboratory.
  • Head of  the Mechanical Engineering department from 2016-2021
  • Sudanese Engineering Council
  • Sudanese Engineering Union
  • Sudanese National Committee for Nanoscience


# Course Title إسم المحاضرة College / Major File File Size File Type
1 ِAssembly and Automation Test One Engineering College Download 297 KB pdf
2 Engineering Mechanics II Lecture1 Engineering College Download 1.93 MB ppt
3 Control Systems, Design and Analysis Design and Analysis of Control Systems using Matla Engineering College Download 3.01 MB pdf
4 Control Systems Symbolic Mathematics Engineering College Download 198 KB ppt
5 Vehicle Dynamics Drive Train Engineering College Download 1.9 MB pptx
6 Vehicle Dynamics Tires and Wheels Engineering College Download 1.74 MB pptx
7 Vehicle Dynamics Steering Systems Engineering College Download 3.41 MB pptx
8 Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Systems Engineering College Download 1.64 MB pptx
9 Vehicle Dynamics ELECTRONIC SUSPENSION SYSTEMS Engineering College Download 2.1 MB pptx
10 Sensors and Actuators Classifications of Sensors &Actuators _Lect01 Engineering College Download 527 KB ppt
11 Sensors and Actuators Transducers_lect02 Engineering College Download 4.09 MB ppt
12 Sensors and Actuators Actuators_lect_03 Engineering College Download 782 KB pptx
13 Sensors and Actuators Characteristics of Sensors and Actuators_lect04&05 Engineering College Download 1.95 MB ppt
14 Sensors and Actuators Sensors,Actuators Selection Criteria_Lect6 Engineering College Download 1.48 MB ppt
15 Control Systems Analysis control matlab_2021 Engineering College Download 2.86 MB ppt
16 Control System Theory Introduction to classical and modern control syste Mechanical Engineering Download 3.79 MB pptx
17 Control System Theory Time Response Mechanical Engineering Download 2.27 MB pptx
18 Control System Theory Stability Of Control Systems Mechanical Engineering Download 1.03 MB pptx
19 Control Systems Theory Exam in Control Systems Theory Mechanical Engineering Download 422 KB pdf