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With more pride and gratitude, we are pleased, the family of the College of Nursing, represented by the Dean, the professors, the administrators and all the staff of the College, welcome our new students and extend my congratulations to them in their acceptance of this prestigious scientific institution.

Dear's sons and daughters, I congratulate you once again on your smart selection of the Collage of Nursing and Collage of Technology of Health Sciences – Karary University, which leads the nursing colleges in Sudan in providing an ideal educational class.

The hall complex consists of more than 40 fully equipped halls with varying capacity according to educational purposes.

The laboratories are equipped with complete set of models, machines, machines, etc. for all nursing specialties, surgical preparation laboratory, special laboratory for the study of the health of the environment, laboratories for all basic sciences in addition to computer labs.

The College has an integrated clinical training base, which is represented in the hospitals general directorate of medical services and other military health facilities.

The College has a distinguish teaching staff in various fields of study. The College is characterized by disciplinary commitment in implementing programs as planned.

The collage is interested in developing students' talents and creative cultural activity through seminars, lectures and cultural weeks.

I recommend you sons and daughter's students to behavior in a proper way based on worship and obedience of Allah, his generosity in secret and public attention to academic achievement and maintain the reputation of the college and the level of an optimal graduate.

Warm welcoming for the new attendance of students, may wish you good year of study.  

May Allah bless you, wish you best regards and success.

The College seeks to achieve excellence in nursing and health education, research and leadership, and to adhere to the advanced professional practice at the top of higher education institutions for nursing and health sciences locally and regionally and within the world-class amongst the global classified educational institutions, to achieve the values of quality, and development in commitment of nursing career and military development.

 The College of Nursing and Technology of Health Sciences at Karary University is committed to prepare qualified professionals to provide military, nursing and health services that match the needs at all levels , local and regional health institutions with competitive efficiency in line with global development and researchers capable of producing internationally competitive scientific research to develop the profession in line with our African Arab identity through an advanced educational programs and strengthening the mechanisms of scientific research and skills of self-education and continuous service community.

• Implementing the strategic management systems to achieve the mission of the College.

• Promoting the administrative system in the college.

• Disseminate and strengthen the culture of self-learning and continuous.

• Updating and developing programs and courses in the college to achieve national and international academic standards.

• Developing human resources in the collage in educational, research, technological, administrative and community fields.

• Adopting the modern patterns in education.

• Strengthening an supporting, the scientific research partnerships at the local, regional and international levels.

• Stimulate and strengthen international dissemination.

• Maximize the role of the college in meeting the needs of the society and the labor market.

• Continuous documentation of integrated information systems at the college.

• Strengthening and supporting, the quality assurance system at the collage.

The College offers a bachelor's degree in nursing sciences as follows:

• Technical Diploma in Nursing

• Surgical procedures

• Midwifery Diploma

• Anesthesia Diploma

• Health and Environmental Health Diploma

• There are approved technical diplomas not accepted:

• Pharmacy Diploma

• Dental Diploma

• Master of Nursing Sciences with courses and research

• Higher diploma in midwifery (authenticated)

• Doctorate of Philosophy in nursing sciences research

Department of the basis of Nursing:

The Department teaches nursing courses - first aid - history and ethics of the nursing profession for undergraduate and diploma students in theory and practical training in the skills and hospital laboratory, coordination with other courses taught at the first level of the requirements of the university (Arabic language - English language - computer - Islamic culture) - basic sciences of anatomy - members functions - microbiology - biochemistry - nutrition.

1. Internal Nursing Department

The department teaches nursing courses - emergency nursing for undergraduate and diploma students in theory and practical training in the skills and hospital lab and coordination with other courses taught at the second level with the surgical nursing department.

2. Surgical Nursing Department

The Department teaches nursing courses - Emergency nursing for undergraduate and diploma students in theory and practical training in the skills and hospital lab, and coordinates with other courses taught in the second level of university requirements - pathology - epidemiology - therapeutic nutrition - medicine.

3. Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department

The department teaches nursing courses, obstetrics and gynecology courses for undergraduate and diploma students in theory and practical training in the skills and hospital lab. and coordination with the following courses taught at the third level Health Statistics - Communication and Communication Skills - Education and Educational Technologies - Genetics: Nursing theories Elder Care - Research Methods - Health Economics

4. Community Health Nursing Department

The department teaches nursing courses for the health of the community - nursing administration - nursing care - nursing mental and neurological health for undergraduate and diploma students in theory, practical training in the hospital, and implementation of rural residences and coordination of other courses taught at the fourth level and follow-up graduate research