Karary University

Due to the believe of the university in scientific research, The University has established and registered four scientific journals in order to enable researchers to publish their research after arbitration in accordance with the rules of arbitration in force worldwide.

Magazines cover three basic sciences:

a. Humanities sciences

B. Engineering Sciences and Technology

C. Medical and health sciences

The magazines are:

- Journal of Karary University for Management and Human Sciences

-  Journal of Karary University for Engineering Sciences

 - Karary University for Medicine and Health Sciences        

  • ISSN
  • Editorial Board
  • Editorial Office
  • Call for papers
  1. Journal of Karary University for Engineering Sciences

International  index for paper             1858-800X

Number of publishing electronic        1858-800

Number of printing                             2

Language                                            Arabic -English

  1. Journal of Karary University for Management and Human Sciences

International index for paper                1858-8018X   

Number of publishing electronic          1858-8018

Number of printing                               2

Language                                              Arabic -English

  1. Journal of Karary University for Medicine and Health Sciences

International index for paper                 1858-8050 X

Number of publishing electronic           1858 - 8050

Number of printing                                2

Language                                               Arabic -English

a. Reviewing Process

b. Communicate with authors.

c. Dealing with the magazine's website.

d. Print and distribute the magazine.

e. All initial journal entries.

h. Design and revision of the author guidelines directory for publication in these journals.

Editorial office composed of:

a. Editor in Chief and Main Journal Editor.

b. Editor's Assistants (Area Editors)

c. Proofreader.

d. Designer (1)

e. Data Entry (2)

Chief Editing ;

Dean of the College of Graduate Studies or whoever appoints him

Assistants and editorial staff by discipline:

  1. Dr.. Emad El Din Mohamed Taj El Din
  2. Dr. Mohamed Tayeb Mansour
  3. Dr. Othman Hassan Abdullah
  4. Dr. Abdeldime Mohammed Salih
  5. Dr. Zaki El Din Mohamed El Tayeb
  6. Dr. Mutasim Atta Al Mannan Al Nour
  7. Dr. Salah al - Din Ahmed Alaalim
  8. Dr. Hayat Fadlallah Mukhtar
  9. Dr. Mubarak Al-Kursani
  10. Dr. Ahmed Mostafa
  11. Dr. Rashad Tajeldain Elhaboob

In addition to the office technical office and technical design and production processes.

Tasks of Editorial Office:

  1. Establishing and developing the magazine's office in the line with international magazines.
  2. Follow-up the publishing process at all stages.
  3. Establishment the work site of the magazine spatial and electronic.
  4. Contact the relevant parties (publishing libraries, etc. .
  5. Pursuing the development of magazines and working to raise their global reputation.
  6. Follow up the process of quoting from magazines and coordination of their appearance in the catalogs and global databases.
  7. Ensure the application of local and international regulations regarding publishing and authoring
  8. Design the general shape of the magazines, casing and mold.
  9. Work plan for the distribution and printing of the three magazines.
  10. Performing initial publishing operations.

Journal of karary University of Engineering and Science (JKUES)

JKUES invites researchers, scholars and authors to submit their original and extended research to publish in peer reviewed international research journal. All submitted papers will be peer reviewed, publish in online and online print version.

JKUES maintains all published papers in open access to published research. We index all published papers with Google Scholar, Academia and other indexing partners. The JKUES has online/print ISSN numbers are; online ISSN: 1858-8034, print ISSN: 1858-800X.

Submission details

All submissions must be made via https://journals.karary.edu.sd/index.php/JKUES/index for review.

For more information, please see the Author Guidelines.

After publication, authors will be issued:

  1. Digital publication Certificate.
  2. Journal link and individual research paper open access weblink.
  3. Complete Journal (e-book) along with cover page.
  4. Indexing with karary University library, Google Scholar, and other indexing partners.

Indicative list of JKUES’s sections

  1. Electrical Engineering.
  2. Chemical Science and Engineering.
  3. Mechanical Engineering.
  4. Aeronautical Engineering.
  5. Surveying Engineering.
  6. Civil Engineering.
  7. Computer Science and Information Technology.
  8. Mathematical Science.
  9. Physics Science.