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bachelor of honor in computer sciences - bachelor of honor of Computer Networks -  bachelor of honor of Information Technology

The College owned many locations at Khor Omer Collection and The College of Engineering and the Military College.
a. The directorate of the College at Khor Omer Collection, which includes the Dean office, the Registrar office, and the Examination office.
B. the wing of the military students at the College of Engineering, this section presented studying programs for (18m19, 20) batches for ten studying classes for bath (22).
C. the wing of military student, this section aims to the academic supervision for batch (23), and rehabilitates them academically and scientifically.

a. 3 co-professors 
b. 5 assistant professor
c. I first professor
D.7 lecturers
e. 1 PhD missioner to China  
F.1 Master Missioner to China
G.14 par timers  
h. 2 professor’s assistance 

The college awards Military sciences diploma for cadets where they study about (2000) hours of communication in different practical and theoretical military fields which include field projects that qualify them to act in military field armored with science and training as armed forces officers. This situation is not applicable on civilian students who study at the university.

The student studies 200-210 credit hours as below:

a-      22 credit hours for humanitarian studies include Islamic studies, Arabic language, English language and social studies.

b-     68 credit hours for college requirements include mathematics, engineering subjects, environmental subjects, engineering economy, engineering unit and workshops.

c-      110-120 credit hours for section requirements and specialization.