Karary University

Associated Professor, MD,WHO consultant (part time

Clinical microbiologist  15 Years 

Viral hemorrhagic fevers ,HIV and Influenza  9 years     

Hospital infection control 13 years

Laboratory Quality Management 10 years         


Highest Educational Degree    Doctorate or Post Doctoral Studies (or Equivalent)
Educational details
Year    Name of Education Institution    Degree / Diploma    Title of degree/diploma and description of studies
1999     Faculty of Higher Medical Graduate -University of KHARTOUM
Sudan    M.D.    M.D in clinical Pathology and Microbiology
Post doctoral LYON FRANCE   2002
1993     College of Medicine Juba University
Juba.Bahr elgabal State
Sudan    M.B.B.S.    Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery


Publications :
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-Member of the International Society of Infectious Diseases (ISID)  USA .
- Member of the WHO working group on the development of Evidence-based guidelines for supportive care of patients with Ebola virus disease .
 - WHO/USAID Par time Clinical microbiologist consultant for documentation of IDSR in Africa (2002) .
Awards/ Fellowship :
- ELsamani Juba university prize for the best graduate student 1993
- Elshiekh Elsabah prize the best graduate student in Paediatrics
- Juba university prize for the best graduate student in Medicine
- Juba university prize for the best graduate student in Obs & Gynae
- Juba university prize for the best graduate student in Surgery .
- Sunderland Prize for the best student research in tropical medicine . U.K 1992
- DAAD research grant for graduate studies in Lieshmaniasis   1996
-    ICEID Leadership Prize 2015-CDC-USA