Karary University

Date of Birth: 19/11/1961

Status: Married,  father  for  2 boys  and  4 girls

Nationality: Sudanese


Arabic – Excellent (Writing – Reading)

English - Excellent (Writing – Reading)

Nishtar  Medical Collage – Multan-   Pakistan   1986

  1. MD in Anesthesiology   from University  of Khartoum  faculty of Medicine department of High Medical Studies the best candidate with distension award Price.
  2. Sudan Council Fellowship in Anesthesiology & Intensive Care 2008.
  3. Arab Board Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Fellowship 2012 No. 187.
  4. Permanent Registration from Sudan Medical Council as  anesthesiologist   November 1993 No .57.
  5. Fellowship of Sudanese Specialization Board in Anesthesiology & Intensive Care 2008.
  6. Post graduate training  in Cardiothoracic Anesthesia  -Jordan Specialize Hospital  1997
  7. Post graduate training in Cardiothoracic Anesthesia   - UK London Saint Barth cardiothoracic hospital 1999.   
  8. Registration in Sudanese medical Council as specialize    Anesthesititis since 1993 No. 57.
  1. General Secretly of Sudanese Association   of Anesthesia & Intensive Care 2011 – 2014.
  2. Member of Sudanese Heart Association.
  3. Member of world  federation  of Anesthesia & intensive Care Societies ( WFAS)
  4. Member of International  Net work of Anesthesia  (NWAC)
  5. Member of European Society of anesthesia (ESA).
  6.   Member of European Society  of Regional technique  and pain Management (ESRA)
  7. Member of international society for study of pain(IASP)
  8. Member of Arabic Union for anesthesia and intensive care.
  9. Member of Sudanese society for regional anesthesia.
  10. Member of Pan African union of anesthesia.
  11. Member of Arabic union for pain  management .

1-Head department and Consultant  anesthetist   and  intensive care for all military hospitals (80) that have 1200 beds and above

2-Head department for Omdurman medical military area that have 2000 beds

Which also consist of 40 intensive care unit beds and high level emergency department for different cases.

Consultant anesthetist   in open heart and thoracic surgeries center since 1997 until present

3-Member of Sudanese medical council (anesthesia) and responsible for education and training of registrar of anesthesia

4-Director of examination Committee of Sudanese medical council since 2004  till  2009

  • House  man ship  from June 1986 to June 1987 in  bahri  teaching hospital in all units(capacity of  it is 850  bed)
  • Resident doctor in port Sudan hospital from June 1987 until  June 1989(capacity of  it is 700 bed)
  • registrar of anesthesia in soba teaching hospital from June 1989 until June 1990 (I was  responsible for anesthetizing of at least 10 patient per  day in different  unites)
  • registrar of anesthesia in Khartoum teaching hospital from June 1990 until 1991(capacity of  it is950 beds) I work under supervision  of 5 consultant
  • Registrar of anesthesia in Ibn sena   teaching  hospital  from june1991 until january1992 (capacity of it is 400 beds).
  • registrar of anesthesia  in Al- shab  teaching  hospital  from January 1992 until June 1992
  • registrar of anesthesia in ENT(EAR  -NOSE  AND THROUT ) center in Khartoum teaching hospital  from January 1993 to  June  1993

1- Specialty course   in anesthesia and intensive care in university of Khartoum at1989-1993

2-Membership in anesthesia and intensive care unit 2004-2008

3-Arab Board Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Fellowship 2012 No. 187.

4-Research  methodology  course  june2003 till  July 2003

5-Local anesthetic technique  course  and  use of  nerve  stimulator in monitoring of neuromuscular blockade  in patient who  receive  general anesthesia

6-course  Mechanical ventilator 

7-Course in Airway management  and  difficult   intubation

 8-Course in Fibro optic device used  in difficult   intubation

9-Course  in  arterial  blood  gas  analysis

10-Course  in Basic life support

11-Course in advance life support cardiac patient

12Course in anesthetic  machine  preparation

  13-Course in  anesthetic  equipment

14- Course in  computer  and  information  technology

15-Course in use  of computer in  education practice

16-Course in patient safety

17-Course in infection control  in  operating  room

18-Course in  control  of infection caused  by   anesthetic  equipment

19-Course  in equation Curriculum   preparation   and  evaluation

29-Course  in presentation lectures in medical education 

21-Course in quality  control  in  medical   facilities

22-Course in supervising of   thesis

23-Course in  chronic pain  management

24-Course  in  ultrasonic  guided   nerve   blockade.

25-Course in electro cardio  graph(ECG) and  how  to  diagnosis   heart  disease  by  use  of  ECG

26-Course in echo cardio graph and how it used in monitoring of cardiac function

27-Course in blood bank management

28-External examiner at AL GAZIERA University Faculty of Medical Sciences (Bachelor of Anesthesia).

29-External examiner at DONGOLA  University faculty of medicine  since2002  till present

30-Education and examination  of   registrar of anesthesia since 1994  till present

31-Education and training for ICU nurses since 2000   till present

32-Supervision on registrar of surgery during their course of anesthesia

Published Scientific Papers

  1. Anesthesia for 100 cases of renal transplantation results and complications.
  2. Environmental  hazard  in  operating  room

Published Books and literature

1-Infection control in anesthetic practice

2-Safety and Quality in   anesthetic practice

Not yet Published Books and literature

  1. Cardiac anesthesia made easy
  2. Physiology of one lung anesthesia
  3. Airway   management in acute  medicine

Oncoming Books and literature

  1. Psychological hazard facing anesthesia staff 
  2. Anesthesia for patient with psychological disorder  electro convulsive therapy and how we protect  cardio vascular system from it
  3.   Anesthesia for patient with hypertension  and the effect of anesthesia on his vital signs

1-Preparation and presentation of lectures to registrar   of anesthesia.

2-Practical education for registrar   of anesthesia for 15 years.

1-Airway management and deal with patient with difficult Airway.

2-Epidural and spinal anesthesia.

3-anethetic drugs and how it work.

4-mechanical ventilator.

5-prepheral nerve block.

6-centeral line catheterization.

7-anethesia for thoracic surgery.

8- Advance life support.

1-Prof: Hassan Ahmed Ibrahim (phone number:00249912987870)


Consultant Anesthetist

British follow ship in anesthesia

2-Prof: Omer AL-DERDERY (phone number:00249912340519)


Head manger of Arab council for medical specility-aneasthesia

3-Prof-Mohamed Al-Amen Ahmed Ismail

Consultant Cardio Thoracic surgery

MOB NUMBER 00249912390426.

Email : m_e_ahmed@hotmail.com

4- M. Yasser Hanafy Yousif.

Consultant Cardio Thoracic surgery

MOB NUMBER 00249917731178

Email : yhanafi@hotmail.com