Nursing students continue their first aid course


Nursing students continue their first aid course - (02/Oct/2019)

Within the framework of the community service provided by Karary university, students of the  Nursing and Health Sciences Collages at Karary University continue their awareness and education program in Al-Dappa Al-Abdalapp area in the northern countryside of Khartoum North within the seventh rural health residency project organized by the University. The project began to implement its plan by targeting large numbers of citizens of the united villages in the first aid course in addition to the organization of environmental sanitation campaigns and family visits and awareness programs in various health areas.The program is implemented by the college annually in order to spread health culture and nursing sciences in the community, also this project is being held this year within the programs of the associations of the Collages  of  Karary University  to support the affected by the floods and rainfalls in Sudan this year.