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The Importance of Physics Science:

The development of physics is a natural result of the human need to find an explanation of natural phenomena and understand their behavior and influential forces through the development of laws linked to each other, the remarkable technological development in all fields, whether in medicine, engineering, space, communications or computer, and physical discoveries. For example, in the medical field, physics is a basic science in the field of medicine used in the diagnosis of the diseases, whether using X-ray or radioisotopes, magnetic resonance or ultrasound, where they are all applications for research and physical discoveries and there can be no treatment without diagnosis as developed diagnosis of diseases which was considered as fatal.

From these examples, we realized that physics is a basic science for understanding and developing the rest of sciences. Developed countries have recognized the importance of physics, and encouraged research and given great concern and interest for supporting and encouraging scientific research in various physical fields.

  • The importance of physics laboratory for students of medical sciences
  • Physics Laboratory of Medical Colleges Complex
  • Safety guidelines in the laboratory

Physics laboratory is a basic corner in which the student begins his / her university life. The laboratory carries many objectives which are often not visible to all students who see it as a practical application of what they studied in the theoretical content of physics as mentioned below:

1. Time discipline and commitment to liabilities.

2. Team work spirit and maintain the devices used.

3. Speed, accuracy, proficiency and complete the tasks entrusted to the student to the fullest.

4. The importance of writing scientific reports and taking careful observations and urging the spirit of discovery.

5. Acquiring high skills that help students in university life and even after graduation cannot be acquired outside the laboratory.

6. Students after their studies in the laboratory acquire skills that fit the requirements of the cotemporary era, and contribute to the preparation of positive roles and strengthen the role of roles in the specialization and society.

This lab is followed by the Department of General Sciences, which takes great interest. The plant is able to accommodate 80 students. It also accommodates and teaches 400 to 500 civil students in the first semester of specialization (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, laboratories, radiology) Warriors from 100 to 200 students for the same specialties, while students are taught in the second semester (civilians and warriors), as the numbers of students is multiplying.

- The laboratory contains a large number of modern devices, which include more than 30 experiments of basic and modern physics experiments (precision measurements, mechanics, heat, light, modern physics).

- The laboratory has an estimated number of qualified professors in the field of physics and they have sufficient experience to produce a teaching process and work accurately in performance and excellence in content and teaching methods varied, modern and technological.

- The laboratory contains a small workshop that contributes significantly to the maintenance of the laboratory equipment self-maintenance and has actually been maintenance of a number of estimated devices actually and can be developed in the future.

- The laboratory is currently working on creating an academic atmosphere conducting public lectures and specialized periodic and the work of competitions and a weekly newspaper for the creativity of students and a small library of various scientific books and cultural self-created by the professors.

- The laboratories operates on the principles of continuous improvement and improves the work for the possibility of hosting many events and receive students from other universities to be the laboratory interface of general science at the university as well as the interface of the karary University internally and internationally.

For the lab safety and your safety as well as  safety of others, the guidelines are to be strictly followed:

1 – Eating and drinking are prohibited inside the laboratory
 2. Wearing protective clothing are necessary for personal safety.
3. No chemical substance should be tasted.
4 - Care must be taken in account when dealing with the toxic chemical substances especially highly inflammable radiated materials.
5 - When touching the lab substance, washing with water immediately as possible and informing the lab. supervisor
6 - Follow the experiment steps carefully and do not act from your own without requesting
7. keep books  and exercises to be retained in the workplace.
8. Make sure that the materials used are actually prescribed for conducting experiment.
9 - Focus on experiments and copied detailed observations
10 - Use the clean and safe tools, ensuring that they are clean and placed them carefully after the experiment ended directly.
11 - Keep your site clean and arrange it with the closure of all open and placed  everything in its location
12 - Do not sit and use incendiary and inflammable materials.
13 – Restricted movement is required to keep calm and avoid disturbance.