Karary University

Calendar - Military College

Date Day Subject Hijri Date
31/05/2020 Sunday Beginning of the semester 8/ شوال /1441
11/06/2020 Thursday The end of the semester 19/شوال/1441
21/06/2020 Sunday Beginning exams 29/شوال/1441
01/10/2020 Thursday End of exams 14/صفر/1442
04/10/2020 Sunday The beginning of the next semester 17/صفر/1442
15/10/2020 Thursday Study stops for Ramadan 28/صفر/1442
18/10/2020 Sunday Resume the study 1/ربيع الاول/1442
28/01/2021 Thursday End of semester 15/جمادي الاخر/1442
31/01/2021 Sunday Beginning exams 18/جمادي الاخر/1442
11/02/2021 Thursday End of exams 29/جمادي الاخر/1442
28/02/2021 Sunday Beginning of the appendices examinations 14/رجب/1442
11/03/2021 Thursday End of exams supplements 27/رجب/1442