Mr. Chancellor of the University Forward

Karary University  A career of success &distinction


Karary University started its career in 1994, when Karary Academy of Technology was established of the two faculties of engineering and technology to supply the armed forces with needed technician cadres to its various units. Karary Academy - despite the economic and political conditions Sudan was facing - has managed to make its way steadily with determination and achieved appreciated successes with favor of Allah and exerted efforts of the organizers as well as the kind sponsorship the university found from ministry of defense representing in Mr. Minister of defense. dr.alameen 2011


Since beginning, the academy vision was clear which was to achieve distinction in performance and to employ its available resources efficiently to achieve its targets the Academy was established for .Alhamdulillah the academy occupied a distinguished position among the educational institutions of Sudan as it formed a real addition to the armed forces and contributed in provision of technician cadres in various fields. More important of what distinguishes the academy outcomes that it came to meet specific needs with required specifications as it presented appreciated contributions to serve the community of armed forces through training sessions over multiple different levels, especially in the field of computer and English language and some professions.

This success was a reason and motivation to convert the Academy into a university to play a more influential role. The idea was attractive and all success factors were available, which represents in moral and logistic support, and willpower, as well as the presence of institutes and training institutions in the armed forces with an ancient history such as the Military College and the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy, where can adjust their positions and be within university desired faculties.

In 2008 Karary University Act was passed and   a new era began where the university has seen a large development with joining both of the Military College and the Naval College to the university after the development of their program to comply with the requirements of higher education without prejudice to the fundamental objectives and purposes upon which these institutions were built. This was followed by the establishment of Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences as well as the inclusion of the College of Aeronautics in addition to the College of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, where the number of university colleges became eleven and thus made Karary University the fastest growing among the Sudanese universities .This was not on the account of its quality and its outputs quality , but it was an integrated growth on which the university kept stick to all conditions and factors that make a good university environment enable Karary to perform its role according to the vision and targets it declared..
University is still at the beginning of its career, and there are projects and programs to be achieved according to the plan which is mindful of the wide hopes and aspirations to come true inshallah.

In order to promote performance and provide a successful and ideal project, the university will apply all modern scientific methods to make the university the best among international universities and human resources. It is better mentioned that the university has a large and appreciated number of missioned students in various international universities attend graduate studies, some of them completed their studies and came to contribute in teaching operation.

The above mentioned was on the occasion of the graduation of batch 56 from military college, batch 13 engineering college, batch 12 marine college, 21 technician batch and batch 11 of aeronautics .This constellation of graduates who are more than 800 are a fruit of a big and appreciated effort exerted by Karary staff among teachers, officers, warrant officers and labors. It is a duty, they consider it as a holy duty toward home to achieve its renaissance and maintain its unity and security and a faith from them that Sudan deserve more than performance and duty. Sudan with its diversity in culture and wealth has a bright future inshallah and this is a hope will come true if any Sudanese performs its required duty among community individuals due to the plans, policies and the strategic work put it and sponsored by the state to keep Sudan safe and stable with an effective positive role in regional and international circumference.

Doubtless, this number of graduate officers will be a real addition for the armed forces while it is achieving its holy duty toward home protection and home unity and security maintenance and no one condemn this favor of the armed forces.

The task is not easy, the responsibility is great. what we need from our graduate students is too care it, to take it seriously, to give it its right of importance, to make their intention the highness of Allah's word, to make all of their work for sake of Allah forbearing with fear from Allah, and they should be proud of this holy trust for Allah made this in his fate for them and Jihad's duty is a duty no other duty can over it and its reward with Allah is a big reward.

Congratulation for graduates and pray for them to success, congratulation for their people for the achieved success and congratulation for family of Karary University for performance of this duty and they present their effort fruit ripe every now and then.