Announcement of vacancies-membership of Teaching staff

The deanship of scientific affairs of Karary University hereby announcing to appoint teaching staff members, those of PhD holders to occupy the following positions:

a-      Assistant professors

In accordance to the terms of the ministry of the Higher education and scientific research in the following collages:

1. Collage of Pharmacy                

                           - Pharmaceutical and Analysis Chemistry

2. School of Business Administration

                                 - Accounting & Business Administration

3.   Collage of Nursing Sciences & Health science Technology

   - Child nursing – child abdominal- gastroenterology – sugary nursing – psychological and mental health nursing – community health nursing

4. Collage of Oral and Dentistry

- Oral and periodontal surgery – orthodontists – conservative treatment of teeth- mobile fittings- fixed fittings – periodontal diseases – children's teeth

5- Collage of Computer and Information Technology

The applications will be applied and presented to the Department of human Resource (HR) at the directorate of Karary University – Omdurman – Banat .

The closing date is within three weeks   after 1-06-2018

                                             Best regards and Good Luck

                                   Deanship of Scientific Affairs