University of Karary Participates the banking electronic week

The Sudanese banking union with the cooperation of Sudan Central Bank , the department of developing and promoting the electronic banking services , a debate titled as '' the control and monitoring role of electronic transactions and its impact in disseminating banking services . the identification was conducted by Colonel . advocate Khalid Ibrahim Khalifa – University of Karary , the session was directed by the expert Mr. Al Nour Abdel Salam , speculated by Abdel Munim ohamed Taha , the legal advocate of the central Bank, and Dr Hiba Mahmoud X.minster of social wellbeing.

Issues of the paper:

The paper consists of five issues:

Issue (1): an introduction of electronic transactions

Issue(2): Te law of electronic transactions for 2007th

Issue (3): the situation of the electronic transactions in Sudan

Issue (4):the complementary monitoring                                                                         

and administrative role of Sudanese institutions in electronic transactions

Issue (5): Challenges facing electronic banking transaction services

First: Challenges facing electronic banking services in Sudan:

  1. decreasing of per-capita
  2. lack of awareness about the technological information and transactions and the resistance for banking electronic services
  3. transmission of electronic culture depends on financial institutions adapting to change                          8
  4. continuation of constructing infrastructure
  5. developing and promoting an appropriate legal aspects
  6. using local language and local contexts in proceeding transactions
  7. encouraging attempting promotion and advancing electronic banking transactions
  8. continuation of advancing payment tools systems which supporting the electronic transactions
  9. spread of electronic transaction that does not liable to any legal procedures like (transferring cash).
  10. existence of hypothetical financial institutions conducting electronic financial transactions beyond the legislative regulations (hypothetical companies)


Second: recommendations:

  1. modifications of authenticating law for year 1993, to accommodate the electronic tools and the criminal panel for 1994 to accommodates inspecting electronic evidence
  2. establish a council for electronic transactions under higher authority state to conduct the control and monitoring for electronic payments
  3. prepare an accurate statistical analyzing reports to identify the categories dealing in cash out of the polices and electronic services to accommodates the changes.
  4. carrying on to complete the supported electronic transactions to adapt with demands of financial markets.