Students of Business Administration Faculty visiting Safatt Compound for Jets

In the essence of the concept of training and qualifying students, the University of Karary, faculty of business Administration, second level and Sudanese Studies, conducting field trips to increase the knowledge and acknowledged about Sudanese major archeological sites, the administration of direction and services.



visited Safatt Jets compound under the supervision of Colonel Dr. Abdel Rahamn Al Jaali and Captain Al Amin Abdel Majeed , chief of directing ,

and information department. Eng. Abo El Gassim Abbass manager of planning and engineering services, Eng. Abo Bakar Mohamed Osman manger of jet fighters and Eng. Ahmed Mustafa welcomed the students, and provided sufficient explanation about the compound and its sections as well as its nature and components.

Eng. Abdel Mawloa who welcomed students explained that, they consider University of Karary is an originated part of them, expressing their readiness for offering scientific  support  for any educational program, Al Rafee spoke on behalf of his colleagues , gratitude the best reception and generous hospitality , their impressiveness , hoping flourishing for Sudanese industry.

Utz. Motasim expressing his pleasure and complements for the visit and the generous reception hoping repetition for such visits.

Thence after, students divided into categories to visit the whole sections of the compound accompanied by Engs. Samani,Abdel Gadirr and Abdulla with under the control and follow-up of Mustafa,Sadig,Babiki and Diaa Eldin. The visit clarified many investigations as a result of what they noticed on the ground.  7