University of Karary participates in the Forum of Arabian woman empowerment across information and technology (IT/IS)

University of Karary participated in the Forum of Arabian woman empowerment on Tuesday 14th Oct.2014, represented by the  deputy of students dean Dr Malak El Tahir , via the communication and information technology , conducted in Sudan with the cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Communication with the participation of , Islamic Bank of Development Group, the goal of the forum was to prove that, communication and information technology  is the base of socio-economic evolution for woman.

It was worth mentioning that, Dr Malak , deputy of students deanship within the members of the round table of the forum. aside the issues negotiated inquiring the following:

  1. Is it possible that communication and information technology play a vital role in empowering women projects in Arabian area?
  2. Is the lack of acquiring communication technology skills will lead woman lagging behind?

The session coordinator:

The investigation started by Sudanese delegators, Eng. Mohamed Adel Rahim general manager of Sudanese information center. Comments stated by

i-       Mrs. Rafia Bukkosh manger of international Cooperation of Arabian area for communication and technology

ii-     Dr Nadia Mustafa manger of authentication and information center of Sudan

iii-       Dr. Malak El Tahir Mousa deputy of students deanship , Assembly of medicine Faculties – Sudan

iv-     Dr. Moamar Ali Ibrahim legal advisor of Corporation of Communication – Sudan

v-   Counselor Eyman  Bukhosh , manager of Madtring foundation – Tunisia

This participation considered was very significant , since it emphasized the role of University of Karary in local , regional and international forums.