The languages association annual scientific forum

The association of languages allocated at Khor Omer Assembly, lunched its annual scientific forum held in the Grand Hall , in order to invite the new enrolled students to join the association and participate in its (Educational, Academic and Social programs), honored by the presence of Brigadier Dr. Abu Elgassim Mohamed Al Amin , the Manger of Languages School and the Colonel Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim , and  Lieutenant ColonelDr.El Sadig Kuku , and number of Professors and colleagues from Languages Faculty , that was consists of meetings, debates and negotiations held in both (English and Chinese languages). Brigadier Dr. Abu Elgassim Mohamed addressed the audience greeting the students who shown talents in speaking English, and he explained that, the society aims to learn and qualified English language and build self-concept of students in order to be leader in future.

The society also have multiple (cultural – social and educational activities), he also invited the students to join the association and participate in the social language club , and appreciated the efforts of school director for his unlimited support, together with the appreciation for the University administration.