The administration second week

The Deanship of students affairs Khor Omer assembly University of Karary lunched the course of events of administration second week with effect from 24/7 to 27 July 2017 sponsored by the director of Uinversity of Karary under the supervision of of the Military Collage Command . the program lasted for four days , since exhibits were inaugurated by General Dr. Mohamed Mousa Adam the administrator of school of business accompanied by Brigadier Dr. Mohamed Bakheet deputy manager of school of business and the Brigadier DR. Abu Algassim Mohamed Al Amin and the manager of school of languages and Colonel Dr. Salah Osman Ibrahim representative of the Military Collage manger, Colonel Dr. Al Theyab Abdel Rahman chief of the economy section , Colonel Eng. Specialist Faiz Sherif Satti representative of Students affairs, and numbers of officers and scholars.

The group inspected the exhibits as a part of the week program, the program then transferred to exercise yard where the cultural educational program was to be followed, begins with reading some of Quran verses and some prophetic praises presented by Student Talal Immad ,who welcomed the audience appreciating the roles of his colleagues efforts of succeeding the week , then a singing phrase presented students Ismail , then Colonel Eng. Specialist Faiz Sharif Satti representative of the students who expressed his admiration and stated that , such exhibits found great concern from students Deanship and add an excitement to academic routine procedures. He also mentioned that a week was a good opportunity for students to display their talents and skills , and encourage students togetherness and abandon negative misconducts and extremism.

The colonel also preached the students with the provision of the health insurance service via the university card, for the whole university students; he finally expressed his appreciations to all participants' efforts. Then came the turn of General Dr. Mohamed Mousa Adam who welcomed the audience appreciated the biasness administration students for the efforts they made, declaring that such weeks had positive outcomes and qualify students to be future leaders , then he expressed his appreciations to university administration for its great concern.

The week also included some physical exercise sport tournament for business administration faculties which won by third level , the week distinguished by multiple exhibits which include :

    1. exhibits
    2. Union       Company
    3. Omdurman       national bank
    4. Uinversity       of Karary exhibit
    5. The       military exhibit
    6. The       cinema games exhibits

The exhibits find great admiration from the audiences and presented remarkable works.