Graduation of (26) Batches technicians and nursing for diploma holders

Karary University celebrated a new batch of graduates of Technical and Nursing Faculties on Oct.2017th, the graduation honored by General Yahia Mohamed Khair, deputy of Co-commands , Prof. Al Amin Al Mahadi the Director of Karary university , General Abdel Galil Mohamed Ahmed Turabi deputy manager of University of Karary, Dr. Eng. Counselor Badawi Adam Dean of Technical Faculty , General Dr. Hayat Fadalla Dean of Nursing and health science Faculty, Deans of University of Karary, numerous leaders of Armed Forces and military units , officers and non-commissioned officers , after reading Quran verses , the deputy of Co-Commands received attendance, then he inspected the assembly of graduates
and honored the excelled students after performing the loyalty consideration for Armed Forces and declared the decision of recruiting the graduates as technical sergeants accompanied with the congratulations of joyfulness from their relatives