The speech of the Dean of Higher Studies Faculty for the sake of honoring Dr. Mohamed Mansour Al Tayeb

Allah he Great , Almighty

Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him)

Gentlemen , Misers , the director University of Karary, the deputy , the Deanship of scientific affairs , Prof. Hassan Abdel Rahim . Prof. Osman Mohamed Ali Ghurashi . Prof. Gaafar Nourani , Misers directors of directorates , general Command of Military Faculty , Deans of Faculty s , Mr. Dean of students , Mr. the representative of Engineering Council , Misers and representatives beneficiary institutions at University of Karary, the honorable Dr. Mohamed Mansour Al Tayeb.

It is my pleasure to address you in this session which is honored by your attendance, about honoring Dr. Al Tayeb , one the university founders of the Faculty of higher Studies and scientific research after Dr. Gaafar Ahmed Nourani who started this process, as Director of higher Studies and scientific research as a part of Karary for Technology .

Dr. Mohamed A.Tayeb dedicated significant apart of his age in establishing this Faculty ,who planned and developed many programs starting with higher diplomas , Master and doctorate concluded in the following:

-          Doctorate of civil engineering curriculums and research

-          Doctorate of chemical engineering curriculums and research

-          Field of Master curriculums and research

-          Master of civil constructing engineering

-          Mechanical engineering , general designing and manufacturing

-          technology

-          Master of computer science and information security

-          M.B.A Business Administration

-          Master of strategic studies

This program will achieve the strategic vision for serving community and prepare distinguished graduates of highly skilled and expert citizenship satisfying labor market requirements and scientific research , assisted by group of skilled , experts researchers who known as highly scientific capabilities , with contribution in enhancing the teaching curriculums.

It is an opportunity to count the students who graduated from the Faculty of higher studies in previous stages:

-          Doctorate of curriculums and research 72 students

-          Masters in various engineering and administration and strategic studies as well as navy studies 538

These are part of the achievements realized by Dr. Mohamed Al Tayeb during his tenure of time as Dean for Higher studies Faculty .

I want to appreciate and thank all participants who participated.

We hope Allah Almighty to help us to continue this process.

General Dr. Eng. Abdel Rahim Al Guzuli

The Dean of the Faculty Higher Studies

Nov. 11th 2017