Karary University participates , the Impact of cancelling American economic cease sanctions against the Information and communication Technology

Karary University  participates in the workshop concerning the research of the impact of the economic sanctions against the Information and communication Technology, organized by Sudan Foundation at 10:00 am Wed. 1st –Nov.2017. the university participation represented in addressing scientific paper submitted by Dr. Khalid Ahmed Ibrahim , the dean of Computer Sciences Faculty , which titled as : Harmonization of Polices and Legislations in the field of Communication and Information Technology, to accommodates the stage after lifting-up economic sanctions of Sudan, the workshop stated the Polices and legislations of information technology and its association with the economic sanctions. The workshop honored by Dr. Tahani Abdulla Attiya , the mistry of Communication and Information, with large participants of the National Information Center , ministry of foreign aliens representatives and other legal and concerns experts, the workshop also include other papers in the same contexts.