Collage of Nursing lunched the Project of Nursing community sanitation – Umbudda Locality

The Nursing Faculty and Health Science Technology, represented by Community health nursing department , lunched the fourth scientific project for nursing community health curriculum at Khartoum state – at Omdurman – Umbudda Locality- AL Salam north unit (Al Iskan –squire 51) with effect from 18th Nov. to 27th Nov.2017.

The project aims to train students to provide community nursing services for promoting the health level of individual and family , in order to promote and improve community health which considered as an essential goals and missions , the project include:

-          households visits-exhibits

-          health & cultural debates

-          Environment sanitation

-          The free treatment day

The project will be executed under the supervision of Captain Hafiz Ibrahim Osman , the chief of Community Health Nursing.