Celebration of receiving new admitted students 2017/2018

With honorable presence of Prof. Prof. Elamin Elhussein Mohammed Elmahady, and his deputy Brigade Abdel Galil Ali Ahmed Al Turabi, the university deputy Lieutenant General Ahmed Shake Taweil , the deans of Faculty s , directors of directorates, university staff members , the scholars and professors , oIMG 1261 192x128IMG 1429 192x128fficers and IMG 1595 192x128non-commissioned officers , privates , received the new admitted students to the university , the celebration include many favorable programs and many speeches extended for two days held in the medical Faculty s assembly , at Omdurman-Banat and Business and Engineering assembly at Karary area – Khor Omer. 

Prof. Elamin Elhussein addressed the celebration of receiving new admitted students, welcomed them and emphasized that students had taken the right decision , and announced his efforts for providing healthy studying environment , and advised students to do their best in acquiring learning and addressed student's families to cooperate with the university for the sake of being models , morally , ethically and for the sake of knowledge. General doctor, Abdel Galil Ahmed Al Turabi, and the deputy manger stated press statement, aspiring students to behave responsibly and dedicate for community interests.

Lieutenant General physician Dr. Ahmed Shake Taweil addressed in his speech that, Karary University represents the history, the original and heritage , and its derived from glorious name Karary.

General Pharmacists Abdul Alla Al Bahsheir the General Command of Military Faculty , who addressed the celebration representing the Faculty 's deans at Khor Khor Omer Assembly, who notified that , there were many meanings and indicators that could be learnt from the celebration, students arrived from decent backgrounds and they will be in good conduct.  

Colonel doctor, Osman Abu El Gassim manger of direction and services, welcomed the new admitted students and expressed his pleasure that the celebration timed with the celebration of Islamic nation of our Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) birth day, he also added: Karary University became a lighted sign for knowledge and creative innovation, advised students to dedicate in learning and dropped the western imitation and proud Islamic teaches and Sudanese values and customs .The new admitted student's representative addressed the audience and appreciated the university efforts made in acquiring knowledge.

The dean of student's affairs Eng. Counselor Osman Mohamed Dafa Allah, addressed the celebration in his speech, stating that; students have rights to gain and duties to perform, expressing his appreciations to the university administration, director and his deputy for their great concern, and gratefulness for all contributors.