Karary University receives the Kenyan visiting delegator

Karary university received the visiting Kenyan delegator on Mon. 4th.Dec.2017 , the reception held by Prof. Elamin Elhussein Mohammed Elmahady, the Chanellor  of  Karary University and Major General Abdel Galil Ahmed A. Turabi the Vice Chancellor  and Lieutenant General Ahmed Shake Taweil , the deputy manager of K.U and Major General Eng. councilor , the secretary of scientific affairs Ahmed Abbakar Yahia and Mr. Babikir Karama the director of Human Resource Management and Brigadier Dr. Ahmed Al Mustafa Mohamed Mansour, the general director of public relation and press .

Prof. Prof. Elamin  warmly welcomed the delegators emphasizing the strong relations that tided Sudan and Kenya. There are many mutual interests between the two countries, and then he indicated the general features background of Karay University.

Mr. Babikir Karama stated a comprehensive enlightening about the university , followed by the speech of chief delegators who pointed out that , the nature of the visit is for training purposes , the delegation members composed of learners from Kenyan Faculty of the defense , he then appreciated the university administration efforts for its generous welcoming reception and allow his members to identify themselves Inquires were being raised form the visitors concerning the identity of the Karary university and the nature of the academic programs studied and the association between Karary university and the higher military academy and the regulations of admission policy for the civilan students on their own (personal cost) and the process of recruitment and selection for talents personnel, besides the inquiry about the derived name of Karary and the managerial relation between the administration and the remaining Facultys as well as the public relation. The delegators also investigated the academic cooperation and experiences exchange of teaching staff with other universities , in addition the investigation extended to include the promotion of teaching staff and the scientific research .

The university director with his deputies positively response to all investigations and inquires with mutual trust and offering of gifts and medals as well as memorials.