Karary University hosting a workshop on the dissemination of the Concept of Quality and Self-assessment in higher education Institute

Karary University hosted the workshop of the concept of Quality and Self-assessment for higher educational institutions on Sunday, 21-Feb-2018, with the collaboration of Sudanese Universities Union. The workshop aims to bring the assessment and quality guidelines to the ground, in order to be applied adopted in the Sudanese higher eIMG 3252
ducation institutions. The program consists of an inauguration session addressed by Prof. Elamin Elhussein Mohammed Elmahady, who welcomed the guests and wished them successful conversations. Moreover he assured that, the workshop willIMG 3210 be concluded with ambitious recommendations that satisfy Sudanese higher education institutions desires. Other spokesman was the chief of quality and asseIMG 3282ssment of the Sudanese Universities union committee who explained in his speech, that there was a great concern given to the issues of assessment and quality that requests the necessity of matching the essence in Sudanese universities, through a wise strict strategic plan, to achieve and realize the objectives of the concept of total quality. In addition, the session also witnessed honoring the chancellor of Karary University.


Workshop themes:

The workshop discussed three basic issues:


The contents of total quality tools


Setting a suggestion for an administrative and
functional organizational chartfor managing total quality


Setting guidelines suggestions to the quality committee plan and asses
sment for 2018th. In these contexts, the workshop presented two work papers as follows:

The first paper:

The paper highlighted the committee work of quality and assessment for 2018th. The paper was addressed by Prof. Abdul Raouf Ahmed Abbas Al Badawi. IMG 3220

The second paper:

The paper emphasized the assurance of the total quality in the higher educational institutions, besides the administrative organizational chart. The paper was presented by Prof. Mohamed Yousif Succar . The final session of the workshop negotiated the groups work and the discussed the recommendations reached by the participants.