Historical background about Aeronautics College

Historical background about Aeronautics College:

Sudanese air defense pass through many historic stages in its current history since it was established in 1954 when Sudan missioned ten of his officers and ten of its ranker officers to study at Egypt who returned after two years as military pilots and technicians. This was the first nuclei of Sudan air defense.

The Sudan air defense was following to Khartoum garrison till 1961, at that time it was known as air army and then became air forces after some developments and changes.

Air forces was depending on external training for its pilots training since its establishing in 1954, this caused many disadvantages:

-         Difference in styles of external training.

-         Lack of scholarship and opportunities.

-         Training on different and various planes unavailable in Sudan, this will require running of transformational training operation on planes of air forces, and thus the increase of training cost.

-         External training made the issue of futuristic planning built on improper basics.

For all mentioned above reasons crystalized the idea of air college establishment to prepare and train pilots and other specializations according to needs of air forces and air defense in quality and quantity.

The history of air forces and air defense is brightly shine and full of achievements particularly in field of martyrdom as it presented martyr after martyr, in 1956 before two years for its establishment to pass, it presented its first generation martyrs .Now air forces and air defense became stronger to maintain the land of Sudan by adding a new unit which is Aeronautics College.

As a result to what mentioned above, the serious step toward establishing Aeronautics College is the inauguration of the college in martyr Mukhtar airbase, then located in Port Sudan town in October 1993 up you now.

The college graduated (7) batches among cadets in different specializations of air forces and air defense (pilots, navigators, air traffic controllers, etc…), and it is full of more inshallah.

In 2003, the curricula were renewed and developed to update high education requirements in the country.

In 2008, the college became one of Karary university colleges after taking reformations needed.