Historical background about nursing school

Historical background about nursing school:

  • Nursing school was established in 1957 in general leadership where basic of nursing and first aid were taught and the student was awarded certificate of nursing 3rd grade for 6 months and then 2nd grade for whole year and 1st grade in two years .
  • In 1956 graduated the first batch of nursing instructor, at that time it was called certificate of high nursing, among them was Aust.\ Muhammad A. Suleiman and others. Work of this certificate in federal ministry of health in the same year.
  • In 1970 medical army was replaced to Omdurman and the school was in the location of current medical commission where added school of assistant of environment observers.
  • In 1993 inaugurated school of medical assistants and school of medical operation assistant and named as military medical institute for it included number of schools, and then assistants of anesthesia and assistant of dentistry, courses of medical battalion leaders, medical brigade leaders and medical group leaders particularly for officers of medical services and courses of first aid named technical secondary nursing certificate in the same year.
  • In 1995 started acceptance for medical institute by Sudan school certificate where declared acceptance for health sciences academy following to federal ministry of health to graduate holders of nursing diploma and it was administration of medical services which took the initiative and signed a protocol between military medical institute and health sciences academy. All nursing students now in the medical institute study according to study curricula of health sciences academy.
  • In 1965 till 2005, (2775) nurse among men and women in military medical institute with an average of 69 nurse annually.

Military medical institute administrative body chaired by its manager includes the following departments:

-         Department of financial and administrative affairs

-         Department of academic affairs

-         Department of curricula and follow up

-         Department of students

-         Department of psychological guidance