Follow- up & planning department

Development& planning Administration

It was established since the establishing of the university in 1994. started to study university need of engineering project – 16 maps plans to develop technical sides in what suits with number of projects, volume and style of architecture and construction of roads used according to a mechanism guarantee meticulousness and speed in implementation of projects and then preparation of technical studies and specialized engineering in such fields to start actually in their implementation.


Pioneering in implementation of engineering and constructions works, in addition to maintenance to achieve works and development in university



The administration is the reference and first option in implementation of construction projects to serve university in different colleges and administrations.


1. To meet university needs among engineering projects in different colleges and administrations.

2. To implement of projects and credited by university on correct basics.

3. Technical consultations for different sectors.

4. Implementation of projects according to university requirements.

5. Preparation of a mechanism and designation f concerned destinations to implement projects and preparation of models and private contracts of study and following – up to actual start of the project implementation.

6. Section contractors of good fame and technical competence to guarantee success of the project.

7. Following up of projects in field view of administration engineers.

8. Personally implementation of projects.

9. To receive projects and to apply implemented works with contracts and specified specifications.

Administration Achievements:

1. Reconstruction of headquarters Building.

2. Mosque of Technology College.

3. Lab of electrical engineering department.

4. Students dining table of medical colleges' campus.

5. Construction and maintenance of sanitation drainage.

6. Labs of Dentistry College.

7.   Labs of Radiography College

8. Nursing halls

9. IN addition to several work of maintenance in all branches of university.

Projects under implementations:

1. Offices and clinics   of Dentistry College.

2. Cadets barracks

3. Water internal net pipes


Financial Administrations

Financial Administrations in brief

It's a must for each state to have specialized ministry to run public fund where find ministry of finance on the top of controlling pyramids, from which emanates audit units for all ministries and governmental corporations and administration:

These units are administrations implement financial policies issued by ministry of finance to arrange state revenues and expenditures and display financial position to specialized administration, so Karary University was established as follows read more

Manger of financial administration charges all financial charges among budget preparation, accounts , supervision or payroll, following –up of revenues and expenditures and policies guarantee to control public fund according to administration directives, financial policies, supervision of fiscal accounts display operations deficit or surplus and mapping of training policies , in addition to rehabilitation of administration individuals and development of work environment to develop performance and reflect the honoring face of this important educational institution .