Human resources & planning administration


Administration in brief:

Human resources and planning administration is one of the administration follow to university chancellor office. It has many duties and tasks. Planning is an administrative word concerns with mapping futuristic plans to explain ways of work at the university , human resources are the main pillar to implement these plans where we can't implement mapped plans perfectly without trained and highly qualified human cadre.

The duties and tasks of this administration are several, manifold and ambitious, but we introduce here in briefly:

Preparation of plans, programs and supervision to follow execution of university decisions and directives related to plans participation in mapping plans lead to achieve the best use of university resources and its human and materialistic capacity. Constitution of information unit assumes collection of university information and data to avail it on suitable time via direct contact or sending procedure request of self-evaluation of the program or academic performance for university various colleges or institutes, moreover display of indicators indicate to performance level in university several services, and introducing of suggestions improve and develop these services to upgrade work environment inside the university.

Administration tasks will be executed through the following department

Follow- up & planning department

It prepares plans , suggests policies , put targets and programs to achieve the mission of the university and it works to make the best use of university materialistic and human resources , in addition to put priorities of the university annual budget and display the indicators which indicate to performance level in different services of the university.

Self-evaluation and credence department

It works to generalize and consolidate quality ideas, avails mechanisms and methods of progressive evaluation of university performance, and achieves comprehension among university staff and students, even administrative as it links between


Programs and various administrative units which sponsor these programs and evaluate achievements, avails all information give opportunities to regular development via redistribution of financial and human potentials and prepare final reports as suggests work plans.

I.T Department:

It collects and audits university data once obtain in and confirm of its correction, and to classify and update. It also coordinates statistical and information work between university and ministry of Defense and specializations administration in ministry of high education .It prepares and runs university website as secures saved information in the website as different computers in the university

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