About Karary University

In 1889 the Sudanese people resisted the British occupation and occurred a famous battle between Alansar and the British army, this battle was called Karary battle where Alansar showed courage and were killed in hundreds. The British army conquered the mujahedeen of Alansar because it was using fire gun while Alansar were using swords (white gun).grad13

Alansar used in that battle the strategy of filling the gap (sad-alfaraga), whenever a martyr falls, ten of Alansar knights fill his place. In 1994 came Karary university establishment in the same place of the famous battle in order to supply the armed forces and military manufacturing with capable technician cadres to fill the gap technologically. The experiment proved high competence in various fields of engineering.

In 2008 appeared the idea of making Karary Academy a nucleus to the Sudanese military university which can cover all aspects of military sciences and introduce a technological and cognitive service for all civilian community segments. By the end of 2008, the idea was approved and became Karary University includes number of colleges as:

Engineering college.

Naval studies college.

Languages and administrative sciences college (military college)

Technology College.

Aeronautics College.

Medicine and Surgery College.

Pharmacology College.

Dentistry College.

Medical Laboratories College.

Nursing & health sciences technology.

Graduate studies College.

, and many of colleges, institutes and research centers.