Degree Plan






Phase I: Foundation courses

Semester 1

Arabic language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English language, Information technology, Islamic studies, Sudan culture.


Semester 2

Arabic language, Biochemistry, Cells and molecules, Mathematics, Introduction to sociology and psychology, English language, Islamic studies

Phase II The organ/ system with clinical correlation

Semester 3

Arabic language, Blood& immune system,

Cardiovascular system1(heart) Communication skills, Homeostasis, Islamic studies, Nutrition& metabolism,

Semester 4

Arabic language , Cardiovascular system2 (circulation), Genetics& molecular biology, Human growth & development, Islamic studies, Musculoskeletal system, Respiratory system,

Semester 5

Human reproduction, Endocrine system

Digestive system,

Urinary system.

Semester 6

Central nervous system,, Behavioral science, the special senses, epidemiology, Integumentory system

Phase III: Clinical studies

Semester 7

clinical pathology, clinical microbiology, clinical pharmacology, introduction to medicine (college based), introduction to surgery (college based). Community medicine, forensic medicine

Semester 8

clinical pathology, clinical microbiology, clinical pharmacology, medicine (skills lab), surgery (skills lab), community medicine, forensic medicine.

Semester 9

primary health care, paediatrics, obstetrics& gynaeccology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, medical/surgical PBL, PHC elective

Semester 10

family medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics& gynaecology, imaging, ENT, medical/surgical PBL, clinical elective

Senior clerkship

Semester 11

medicine, surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics& gynaecology

Semester 12

medicine, surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics& gynaecology