Karary University

Name: Rashad Tag Eldean Habob Taybelasma

Birthdate: 1987-05-31

College: Computer Science and Information System College, Information Security Department.

Degree: Lecturer

Address: Omderman, Wadee Street,  Elthwra 77



Innovative Assistant Professor bringing proven success in implementing technology-based curriculum delivery and assessment tools. Passionate about fostering academic development and success for every student.

  • Student progress reporting.
  • Data collection and analysis.
  • Student research guidance.
  • Classroom presentations.
  • Class instruction.
  • Academic advisement.
  • academic research.
  • Lecturer, 11/2011 to Current with College of Information and Computer Science, Karary University, Khartoum, Sudan.
  • Supervised academic work of teachers and professors for compliance with quality standards for teaching. Implemented cross-cultural exchange program for participation by foreign volunteers.
  • Collaborated with faculty members on research work.
  • Identified students' strengths and weaknesses to create tailored learning activities, including Academic and Culture activities.
  •  Created materials and Exercises to illustrate application of course concepts using PPT and Latex.
  • Planned appropriate and engaging lessons for both classroom and distance learning applications.
  • Performed research to be utilized in academic writing for publication.
  • Built strong rapport with students through class discussions and academic advisement.
  • Evaluated and supervised student activities and performance levels to provide reports on academic progress.
  • Utilized innovative teaching methods to encourage student learning objective.
  • Documented student attendance and progress against goals.

Received the B.S. degree, in 2010 from the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Karary, Khartoum, Sudan. In 2014 received my Master degree from Faculty of Mathematical Science, University of Khartoum, Khartoum, Sudan. Currently I am pursuing the Ph.D. degree with the School of Software Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China. My current research interests include cryptography and network security.

During my Ph.D. degree, I published five SCI papers and one EI paper as first author. Also, I’m co-author in 5 papers. The details of my publications as follows:
1. Public Key Encryption with Equality Test for Heterogeneous Systems in Cloud Computing, R. Elhabob, Y Zhao, Iva Sella, H Xiang, KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, 2019. SCI, IF=0.73.
2. An Efficient Certificateless Public Key Cryptography with Authorized Equality Test in IIoT R. Elhabob, Y Zhao, Iva Sella, H Xiang, Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing. SCI, IF=1.92.
3. A Heterogeneous Systems Public Key Encryption with Equality Test in Smart City, R. Elhabob, Iva Sella, Y Zhao, G Zhu, H Xiang, 2018. EI conference.
4. Efficient certificateless public key cryptography with equality test for internet of vehicles, R Elhabob, Y Zhao, I Sella, H Xiong, IEEE Access. SCI, IF=4.2.
5. Identity-Based Encryption with Authorized Equivalence Test for Cloud-Assisted IoT, R Elhabob, Y Zhao, N Eltayieb, Abdeldime M.S. Abdelgader, H Xiong. Cluster Computing. (Accepted). SCI, IF=2.02.
6. PKE-ET-HS: Public Key Encryption with Equality Test for Heterogeneous Systems in IoT, R Elhabob, Y Zhao, A Hassan, H Xiong, Wireless Personal Communications. (Under review). SCI, IF=1.2.
7. An efficient certificateless user authentication and key exchange protocol for client server environment, A Hassan, N Eltayieb, R Elhabob, F Li - Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized, 2018. SCI, IF=1.92.
8. A provably secure certificateless user authentication protocol for mobile client-server environment, A Hassan, N Eltayieb. R Elhabob, F Li , Conference on Emerging Internet working, Data & Web 2017. EI conference.
9. ASDS: Attribute-based secure data sharing scheme for reliable cloud environment, N Eltayieb, P Wang, A Hassan, R Elhabob, F Li - Security and Privacy, 2019. EI conference.
10. Fine-Grained Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme Supporting Equality Test, N Eltayieb, R Elhabob, A Hassan, F Li , Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for 2018. EI conference.
11. An efficient attribute-based online/offline searchable encryption and its application in cloud-based reliable smart grid, Nabeil Eltayieb, Rashad Elhabob, Alzubair Hassan, Fagen Li, Journal of Systems Architecture. SCI, IF=1.15.

1. Academic achievement certificate from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in December 2018.
2. Editorial board membership in SCIREA Journal of Mathematics.