Karary University

            lieutenant-General (Dr.) Suad Yousif AbdAlla Alkarib was born in “Bori Almahas - Khartoum” in the year 1959.

            Joined the armed forces immediately after graduation in the year 1983. And became the first female “proudly” obtaining a rank of “Major-general” and currently lieutenant-General in the armed forces in Sudan.

            Married, and mother of four sons and one doughter.

            Holding a PhD in pharmaceutical Technology (year 2006), and a master degree in Pharmaceutical science (year 1997).

            Spent the elementary education cycle between the two schools “Allaota and Alrimetab” in The Gezira Scheme’s area. And the mid secondary level of education in “Alhaosh secondary school level in Wad-Madani high secondary school for girls”.

Year 2006 - PhD in pharmaceutical Technology industry. (Khartoum University Sudan)

Year 1997 - Master degree in Pharmaceutical science. (Khartoum University Sudan)

Year 1982 - Bachelor degree in Pharmacy. (Khartoum University Sudan)

Jun-2011- Performance development, Training for Teaching staff members. (Karary university-Sudan).

Oct-2010 - Approved health care course for doctors and pharmacists (Malaysia)

Sep-2010 - First Excellence Forum for Human Resource Development (Sudan)

Nov-2008 - Workshop and leadership qualification. (Sudan)

Aug-2008 - Total Quality (TQ) and culture of excellence.

Aug-2008 - Strategic planning and decision-making. (Malaysia)

Apr-2008 - Scientific skills in modern management. (Sudan)

Dec-1999 - Industry of intravenous fluids and injections, tablets, capsules, medicines for children. (Syria)

Mar-1999 - Good manufacturing practices (GMP) - (WHO) Federal Ministry of Health

Dec-1997 - Verification in the pharmaceutical industry - (WHO) Federal Ministry of Health.

1994 - Essential medicines - (WHO) Medical supplies

  • Present – Minister of State, Ministry of Health
  • 2010 – 2018 - Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. (Karary University)
  • 2008-2011 –Director general manager for the “Wafrapharma Laboratories Ltd”
  • 1984-2008 - Wafrapharma Laboratories Ltd:

-          Production Department
-           Quality Control Department
-           Director of Production (After Master degree)
-           Technical director
-           Deputy Director (after PHD)