Karary University

DOB:                               Al-Turabi, Gezira state 1/1/1956.

Residence:               House No.789, Block 28/4/4, Al-Mohandiseen, Omdurman.

Marital status:      Married & have 5 children.

Qualifications:       MBBS University of Khartoum 31st July 1980

                                               FRCSI Dublin, Ireland 1990.

Job:                                 Consultant general surgeon and urologist & renal TX surgeon.

Contact Addr01ess: OMH: Omdurman, Sudan.

                                             Email: a.galilalturabi@yahoo.com

                                                   Mobile: +249912391440

June2014 to date :    appointed  deputy vice- chancellor ,karary university.

September 2013 to 18/6/2014:  appointed  dean faculty of medicine , karary university   

July 2013: head department of surgery ,  faculty of Medicine,  Karay university.

March 2011 to July 2013:  Consultant general surgeon and urologist.

Duties: holding the duties and responsibilities of combined general surgical &urology unit with four main general surgery units working in the department. We have two days for operating theatre ,OPD clinic, on call duties per week, clinical rounds with FRI &SAT on call  rotating among all five units. Our unit is run by myself as senior surgeon & another consultant general surgeon, four SHO &at least four interns, We do all common general surgical &urology cases. This includes laparoscopic surgery as well. IT is one of the best units doing an excellent surgical services in the department.

May 2009 – March 2011: Director (commander) of OMH. In addition to the Duties & responsibilities of the surgical unit. Duties: the surgical unit work is being run in the same way when I was the senior consultant general surgeon & urologist. In addition to that I was holding the responsibilities & all the administrations in OMH which is the base hospital for ministry of defense & the biggest military hospital. We were working hard to improve the standard of the hospital & we managed to do that in almost all  fields, we established for the first time an ICU unit, improved an equipped a good CCU, good laboratories for investigations together with radiology unit & excellent anesthesia & operating theatre services with all the backup facilities.

June 2007 – April 2009: Head of the surgical department OMH & running the duties of surgical unit. During this period I was running a busy surgical unit & at the same time the administrative duties of the surgical day. I started the surgical morning meetings from that time & it’s going on ever since. I tried with my other surgical colleagues & staff to improve the department as much as we can.    

April 2000 – May 2007: Consultant general surgeon and urologist & renal TX surgeon in OMH, I was at that time the senior surgeon. In addition to the duties of the routine surgical unit, we succeeded to do the first living related renal transplant (LRRTX). I was also working with renal TX surgical team in Ahmed Gasim  Hospital in Khartoum North for full year & performed around 44 LRRTX operations with very good outcome.  

July 1998 – March 2000: Consultant urologist & renal TX surgeon. in NWAFH, Tabuk, KSA. During my work in that hospital I performed around 26 renal TX operations mostly LRRTX with few cadaveric related TX with excellent results compared to the international standard. This is a hospital with excellent setup & it includes all the specialties. However I worked as a consultant general surgeon as well during my second year in the hospital. It was an active teaching hospital for postgraduates.   

Feb 1997 – June 1998: Surgical registrar in urology & renal TX dept. in Beaumont Hospital Dublin, Ireland.(Mr. DAVD HICTEY FRCSI) Consultant urologist & renal TX surgeon. During this period I was working in this busy, excellent  & the only hospital providing renal TX operations in Ireland, performing mostly cadaveric related renal TX with only very few LRRTX. We did around 100 cases during my work there & the hospital celebrated the 2000 operated case. Following that period I was nominated &appointed in NWAFH in Tabuk, KSA as a consultant urologist & renal TX surgeon.

July 1991 – Jan 1997: Consultant general surgeon in OMH dept. of surgery. Duties of the surgical unit including urology services. I was actively involved in teaching both undergraduates & postgraduates students. Undergraduate students from Khartoum university, Ahfad university & al-Nellien university. I was offered together with some colleagues associate professor title & I was one of the pioneers in teaching Ahfad university for women medical students

I witnessed  the graduation of the first patch of doctors. I remained a staff teacher

 & examiner up to march 2011 & also for Al-Nellien university. In addition to teaching Khartoum university undergraduate medical students, I was also teaching the postgraduate registrars from U of K & Sudan medical specialization board. We also introduced for the first time in a governmental hospital the laparoscopic surgical services & we established the first centre in Sudan in 1995.


July 1990 – June 1991: Gen surgical registrar in Kilkenny Gen. Hospital, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland (with Mr. I Wilson FRCSI & Mr. J Hurley FRCSI). During this period I was a FRCSI fellow & I used to do all the surgical operations independently. With 1 of the surgeons we were doing urology cases as well. Fortunately I had a golden chance to see, assist & participate in a laparoscopic cholecystectomy for the first time as it was newly introduced in Ireland.

July 2nd 1990: conferred as a fellow of the royal college of surgeons,  

                                Dublin, Ireland.  

Feb 1990: I passed my second part FRCS.   

July 1988 – June 1990: General surgical SHO in Castlebar Gen. Hospital, Co. Mayo, Ireland (Mr. G. J. Johnston FRCSI, Mr. Paul Murphy FRCSI & Mr. Eustace FRCSI & FRCSED) . During this period I was doing minor & moderate surgical operations independently & assisting in major operations & doing few under supervision by 3 consultant general surgeons with one of them doing urology cases as well.

July 1987 – June 1988: Surgical registrar in OMH & qualified surgeons in OMH (Mr. Ahmed A.Aziz Yacoub FRCSI & FRCSED, Mr. Belal Ahmed A.Allah FRCSED & Mr. Ali M. O. Al-Fadlabi FRCSI). It was a very fruitful year to start doing all surgical operations especially minor & moderate operations besides assisting in major cases.

Feb 1987 – June 1987: Study: leave to obtain FRCS part one Edinburgh, UK.

May 1983 – Jan 1987: SHO (medical officer) in medical dept. OMH & qualified physicians( Dr. Ali Al-Sheikh MRCP, Edinburgh, Dr. Jafer Mohammed Hamed MRCP, Edinburgh).

Feb 1983 – May 1983: A course of battalion commander medical doctors in Egypt. Of 42 doctors attending, one from Qatar, two Sudanese & the rest were Egyptians. My certificate was the 3rd in the final result.


Feb 1982 – May 1982: Director (Commander) doctor as medical officer, Torit Military Hospital. Equatoria province, South of Sudan. This is a single doctor hospital of 36 hospital beds & responsible for all general medical, surgical, obstetrical & pediatric services.

October 1981 –Jan 1982: Military training in military college Wady Sayedna, Omdurman, Sudan.   

Aug 1980 – Sept 1981: House officer (intern) rotation in OMH.

  • Obstetrics (Dr. Mustafa Kamil Salih Isa MRCOG, Ed.
  • Orthopedics (Mr. Hussein Hassan FRCS, Ed.
  • Surgery(Mr. Belal Ahmed A.Allah FRCSED & Mr. Ali M. O. Al-  Fadlabi FRCSI)  
  • Medicine(Dr. Jafer Mohammed Hamed MRCP, Edinburgh).

August 31st 1980: MBBS U of K, graduated as a doctor in the faculty of medicine. 

1974 – August 1980: Student in faculty of medicine, university of Khartoum.

1971 – 1974: Al-Kamlin higher secondary school, Gezira province.

1965 – 1970: Al-Kamlin intermediate & gen. secondary school, Gezira province.

1965 – 1966: Al-Kamlin primary school, Gezira province.

1962 – 1965: Al-Turabi elementary school, Gezira province, Sudan.

As a co-supervisor, I supervised the researches of two of my registrar as a partial fulfillment for MD degrees in surgery, Sudan medical specialization board.

  1. Alpha blocker, Alpha press as a monotherapy for the treatment of BPH in Sudanese patients in a prospective study for six months duration.
  2. Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) as a new therapeutic modality in management of urolithiasis in Sudan “Cohort & Gross sectional study”

Practicing surgeon in OMH & excellent experience in training medical students from different universities (Khartoum, Ahfad & Nellien) & post graduate doctors training for registers from 1990 up to date.