Karary University

Date and Place of Birth: 1/7/1978 Khartoum Bahri, Shambaat

Collage of pharmacy department of chemistry practical organic chemistry  

First teacher

Om Badah 41 house number 461


 Sudan – Khartoum- Karry University- postal box 12304


Whats App. and  skype  0122224421



  1. Sudan
  2.  University of Juba
  3. College of Applied and Industrial Sciences Department of Industrial Sciences( honours )
  4. 18th April 2005
  5. Class two division one


  1. Sudan
  2. University of Gezira
  3. Chemistry science in Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  4. 28 /6/ 2020
  5. Investigation of Chemical Constituents and Antimicrobial Activity of Doum (Hyphaene thebaica L.) Seed oil


  1. Diploma in computer information technology 3/3/ 2003- 3/7/2003 .
  2. ICDL certificate 27/2/2014


  •  Organic chemistry practical
  1. Trained in the ministry of oil and gas from (12/11/2017) to ( 23/11/2017 ) in water & environment lab. and instrumentation lab.
  2. University of Juba College of Applied and Industrial Sciences as teaching assistance in chemistry and industrial chemistry laboratory 15/8/2005 up to 28/1/2006.
  3. Marwa pharmaceutical industries, training program during the period from 24/12/2002 to 24/1/2003 at quality control department and production department.
  4. Primary health care and first aid and Nurse ring Omdurman teaching hospital 1994.
  1. Influence in both (Arabic and English) writing and speaking.
  2. Computer skills: influence in word usage typing both Arabic and English.
  3. ICDL certificate.