Karary University

Birth:1973 .Sudan
Marital Staus: Married with 2 children
Present Position : Head of Chemical Engineering Technology, Technical College , Karary University ,Khartoum ,Sudan
Languages: Arabic and English

Mailing Address:
College of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Karary University <Khartoum , Sudan
P.O .Box 12304
Mobile Phone: +2491231199233(sudani)
E.Mail: ahmedaziz_73@yahoo.com


1- Ph.D Chemical Engineering. Karary University December 2014.  "Thesis title” Utilization of Castor Oil as a Lubricating Oil”
2-  M.Sc. Chemical Engineering, Karary University 2006.Thesis title:”Simulation Study of the Effects of Sum Additives to Nitramine Propellants
3- B.Sc. Chemical Engineering ,Karary University 2000

1- International Computer Driving License (ICDL).
2- Teaching Staff Performance Development.

1- February 2005- to September 2010:
Lecturer of Chemical Engineering ,Registrar of Technical College , Karary University
Performing the duties of Lecturing and Managing
2- October 2005 – up to2010:Lecturer of Chemical Engineering ,Registrar of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research ,Karary University .

1. Thermodynamics for chemical engineering (Diploma program –Karary University
2. Engineering Economics
3. Projects Managements (under graduate program-Karary University)
4.Propellant Technology I ,II (under graduate program-Karary University )

5. Explosive Technology I .II(under graduate program Karary University )
6. Theory of Explosion (under gradate program Karary University )
7. Plant Design II,(postgraduate program .Sudan Academy of Science (SAS)

1- Abdelaziz,A.I.M, Elamin,I.H.M ,Gasmelseed, G.A,
Abdalla,B.K.”Extraction, Refining and and Characterization of Sudanese Castor Seed Oil” Journal of Chemical Engineerin, V2,No. 1, Santa Clara,CA 95054,USA
2- Abdelaziz ,A.I . M, Elamin, I.H.M , Gasmelseed, G.A. Abdalla ,B.K.”Conditioning of Castor Oil to be use as Lubricant”.Internatioal Journal of Chemical and Natural Science, V4,No.2(2016).ISSN:2347-6672,India –Unganda


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