The Minister of Defense addresses the internal evaluation workshop of Karary University


The Minister of Defense addresses the internal evaluation workshop of Karary University - (11/Sep/2020)

Major General Yassin Ibrahim Yassin, Minister of Defense, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the University of Karary addressed the conclusion of the activities of the internal evaluation workshop, which was organized by the Self-Assessment and Accreditation Unit under the slogan (Together with Quality and Excellence)  in the presence of the University President, Lt. The department directors, in addition to Professor Yousif Hassan Abdel Rahim, Director of the High Commission for Assessment and Accreditation at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The Minister of Defense saluted the university administration and its employees and pledged to meet its needs as it fulfills its duties in responding to the requirements of the armed forces and community service. His Excellency referred to the importance of assessment and self-evaluation in achieving quality and upgrading the university and the programs it offers, appreciating the lunching of the workshop, which represents the summit of self-challenge, credibility and transparency.

Lieutenant General  Ahmed Abbakar Yahya, University President, said the workshop was aimed at identifying the reality, identifying weaknesses and strengths, and proposing the treatments required for the university to explore future prospects and regional and global leadership, and to keep pace with development in this field to ensure the confidence of society and other institutions.

The workshop, which was held from the seventh to the tenth of September this year, dealt with research and analysis of all issues and dilemmas related to the educational and administrative process of the university in aspects of governance, education programs, infrastructure and social responsibility with the aim of promoting and developing performance to meet the needs of the armed forces and civil society.

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