The higher Commander of the Armed Forces meets the graduate officers and honours the distinction one


The higher Commander of the Armed Forces meets the graduate officers and honours the distinction one - (28/Mar/2019)

The President of the Republic Higher  Commander of the Armed Forces Omer Hassan Ahmed A. Basheir  honoured  in the presence of the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lieutenant-General Kamal Abdul-Maarouf Al-Mahi, a number of ministers, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,  and the leaders of the armed forces and officers, professors of Karary University on Monday 18/3/2019 at the Ministry of Defense. Senior officer’s distinction graduated from Karary University.

Chairman of the Joint Operations Committee, Lieutenant General Shams Elddin  Kabbashi, expressed his happiness that a new group of officers had joined the armed forces after completing the training and qualifying period successfully, armed with knowledge and knowledge, saturation of national values and skills  and the protection of the covenant enforceable in a single system with other regular forces and praised Karary University , which is building minds, men and heroes across its various colleges.

Karary University has leaped up over the armed forces to include all sectors inside and outside the state and the price of the efforts undertaken by the university and thanked the attention and care of the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff and to provide all their needs and support the scientific projects. He mentioned that the glorious graduated will be adding the fact of the armed forces through their various disciplines in line with the directives of the higher Command, The Armed Forces Section is loyalty to Merciful Allah and the homeland.

He finally advised, calling on them to preserve the values of the soldiers that characterized the Sudanese Armed Forces from the others and to redeem and sacrifice all that is precious for the homeland. He thanked the President of the Republic and the Chief of Staff for their presence, as well as the armed forces and safeguard military personnel watching in the far points to bridge any gap of treason or invasion from enemies