Tender to supply university uniforms


Tender to supply university uniforms - (18/Jan/2021)

The Dean of Student Affairs, Karary University, wishes to supply the university students ’uniforms for the new academic year 2020 AD-2021, according to the specifications contained in the bid book.

The bid brochure can be obtained and returned from the buildings of the Deanship of Student Affairs, Karary University, in Khor Omar Complex state, north of Al Jarrafa neighborhood, during official working hours from10:00 a.m until 12:00p.m noon during the period from 1.12.20 to 15.2 .2021 .2021  return it during the same period mentioned in the announcement.

The applicant must attach the following certificate:

1- A C.V or profile of the person - entity- manufacturer including similar works.

2- Certificate of registration from the commercial registrar.

3- Financial ability certificate (letter from the bank - account statement for the previous month).

4- A valid tax-free party certificate.

5- Companions to discharge Zakat debts.

6. Final prices for the uniform.

7. Implementation schedule.

8. Paying 5,000 pounds upon receiving the bid, not refunding.

9. The Dean of Student Affairs,  repeated, is not restricted to accept the lowest or highest bid, and does not entail or liable for any financial or legal obligations.

For inquiries and clarifications, call 0123846372 or through our offices, Khor Omar, along Al-Wadi Street -North of Al-Jarrafa neighborhood.

Specifications of student uniforms:

1. The shirt is made of half sleeve.

2.Pants (cam, zipper, regular cuff, unbuttoned)

3. The shirt is light gray color.

4. The color of the pants is dark gray.

5. Installing the green university logo on the top left side (the university logo).

6- The fabric of the shirt should be 65% cotton and 35% polyester (bring a detailed model for male - female design).